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I am convinced that an Apple monitor is on the horizon so I shall continue to use my new MacPro with the old trusty 30" Cinema Display.   This is in spite of the fact that even though it has the FirePro D700 card I can't get better (sharp) resolution than 1280 x 800.   Maybe something gets lost "in translation" in the Lightning to DVI adaptor.   When I'm using the excellent DisplayMenu app. (by Milch I'm Gemüsefach (© 2012 Thorsten Karrer) I can get resolutions of up to...
iWORK is quite good - no unnecessary frills.   In the various offices I visit are VERY few people using more than half the features of MS Office. In addition, with the free OpenOffice application nobody really needs MS Office.
I think that Reuters reporter Joseph Menn is better known as "that part which is located below the tail of a donkey". Unfortunately for Reuters, his "contributions" do that company no credit whatsoever and make people doubt the value and truthfulness of the rest of Reuter's reporting.
Do those "intelligent people" at IDC want to attract attention to themselves ? Are they looking to justify their existence ? (to get some kind of subsidy maybe) If so then they could do it in a slightly more adult way. Are they also critical of Rolls Royce for not manufacturing a Beatle ?
In my VERY humble opinion it looks like this chap is actually working for/reporting to Samsung.....
Sounds like a good idea, until you remember that the rest of the world is moving away from magnetic strips and using imbedded chips, often referred to as "chip 'n pin".....
A great shame - we now all have to listen to those loud-mouthed idiots who (they think) can not be out of touch with the outside world for a couple of hours. A great shame - those few hours that travellers could finally relax during a flight and not be pestered by those idiots at the office who (they think) can not be out of touch with their colleague for a couple of hours. BIG step back for all concerned.
Are you sure that the surname is not "Menace" ? We have a couple of those people here in GB and I thought it could be family%u2026..
I suppose that, if Cook wants to keep his promise, the 22nd will also see the new MacPro. The 30" Cinema displays on my present MacPro are still going strong, but a nice Retina 30" will make me, and no doubt many others, very happy ! If I could make a wish : please make the displays re-orientate automatically when rotated%u2026..
Don't forget that in Europe Apple has to give TWO years guarantee, by law.
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