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In my VERY humble opinion it looks like this chap is actually working for/reporting to Samsung.....
Sounds like a good idea, until you remember that the rest of the world is moving away from magnetic strips and using imbedded chips, often referred to as "chip 'n pin".....
A great shame - we now all have to listen to those loud-mouthed idiots who (they think) can not be out of touch with the outside world for a couple of hours. A great shame - those few hours that travellers could finally relax during a flight and not be pestered by those idiots at the office who (they think) can not be out of touch with their colleague for a couple of hours. BIG step back for all concerned.
Are you sure that the surname is not "Menace" ? We have a couple of those people here in GB and I thought it could be family%u2026..
I suppose that, if Cook wants to keep his promise, the 22nd will also see the new MacPro. The 30" Cinema displays on my present MacPro are still going strong, but a nice Retina 30" will make me, and no doubt many others, very happy ! If I could make a wish : please make the displays re-orientate automatically when rotated%u2026..
Don't forget that in Europe Apple has to give TWO years guarantee, by law.
In the EEC (the European Union) it has been CONSUMER LAW to provide 2 years guarantee on new goods. Apple has tried to get around this many times and has been fined several times for not honouring this legal requirement. These 2 years apply to all technical (electrical) goods where it is reasonable to expect a lifetime of two years or more.
That means : only just over 50% !   How disappointing. From what I have seen, and having used it on a spare iPHONE4, it is very clean and user friendly.   The new app to enable a phone to be locked properly - not possible to wipe & re-set without the additional security input only known to owner - it is absolutely great.   I would have thought that, since there's only about month to go, more devs would be having their apps ready to go on IOS7.
QUOTE: "Well the point is that activation is changing. One would think that if Apple were advertising this as a feature, they'd make it basically functional. But without more available information, it's hard to say too much about how it works." Please remember that it is not a feature that's included in the present IOS - only in the upcoming IOS 7. Having tested it on an iPHONE 4 (enabling the security, then wiping, then trying to set-up as new user) I can confirm IT...
The one thing I am desperately waiting for is a uniform look of the calendars on MAC, iPHONE and iPAD. PLEASE let the buttons be in the same place, be it left, right or wherever - as long as I can click in the same place on every device. Also, ONE double-click for creating a new calendar entry should be enough to open the editing window - it should not be necessary to double-click again.
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