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In the EEC (the European Union) it has been CONSUMER LAW to provide 2 years guarantee on new goods. Apple has tried to get around this many times and has been fined several times for not honouring this legal requirement. These 2 years apply to all technical (electrical) goods where it is reasonable to expect a lifetime of two years or more.
That means : only just over 50% !   How disappointing. From what I have seen, and having used it on a spare iPHONE4, it is very clean and user friendly.   The new app to enable a phone to be locked properly - not possible to wipe & re-set without the additional security input only known to owner - it is absolutely great.   I would have thought that, since there's only about month to go, more devs would be having their apps ready to go on IOS7.
QUOTE: "Well the point is that activation is changing. One would think that if Apple were advertising this as a feature, they'd make it basically functional. But without more available information, it's hard to say too much about how it works." Please remember that it is not a feature that's included in the present IOS - only in the upcoming IOS 7. Having tested it on an iPHONE 4 (enabling the security, then wiping, then trying to set-up as new user) I can confirm IT...
The one thing I am desperately waiting for is a uniform look of the calendars on MAC, iPHONE and iPAD. PLEASE let the buttons be in the same place, be it left, right or wherever - as long as I can click in the same place on every device. Also, ONE double-click for creating a new calendar entry should be enough to open the editing window - it should not be necessary to double-click again.
Now, if only Apple had made something that looks like this, we could be on to a winner !
It is obvious that when you get paid you dance to the tunes of your paymaster...
"it is also likely to hinder honest developers who will now have to go through a roundabout process to upload screenshots to their respective app pages in the event of an update or version change" Small price to pay if it allows you to restore your customers' confidence in you and your product.
No doubt, Microsoft is proud of the fact that its tablet out-performs the iPAD 2. But it's a bit like the Lada car makers being proud of the fact that their car out-performs the Ford model T.....
Have a look at the UK website and count yourself lucky ! http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/shop_iphone/iphone_accessories/cables_docks Using today's currency exchange rates, the UK pays a lot more. lightning to 30 pin adapter : $ 40. lightning to 30 pin adapter cable : $ 64. lightning to USB cable : $ 24. I will certainly not feel guilty about using imitation. I find Apple severely shortcoming in not having the leads and adapters available at the same time as the...
I wholeheartedly agree with the microsoft engineer - it is true, Apple's stuff is inferior. LOOK OUT - there's another flying pig !
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