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Just for fun : does anybody know the scale of the (grey) chipworks picture ?
Since these stolen phones' serial numbers/IMEI's were not registered at a point of sale they will be easy traceable as stolen.
Please don't talk in a degrading manner about a Timex watch in relation to a Rolex - when buying a Rolex you pay about 80% of the price for just the name... I have a friend with a Rolex who says it's highly overrated. I personally have an expensive Raymond Weil watch, but the watch I wear when I go on holiday and which I bought from a market stall is considerably more accurate.
Instead of a stand, I think it more likely that the new phone will have an inductive-charging facility. This would justify the (much) smaller multi connector.
Please don't say "cheaper price" A price doesn't cost anything. A price is either "high" or "low", and therefore "higher" or "lower".
I don't really understand this whole thing. If Apple did buy then surely they must have paid for it and there's a record of a money transfer ? Who received the money ?     Where did the money go ?
I was in the middle of doing a letter in Word when the update came on screen, so I went for a coffee while the app updated.  Having finished the update, I was asked for the registration code.  (without which I could obviously not use any of the Office components)     After frantically looking in several places for the Office box, I resorted to Time Machine and restored from that.   Curses to MS and blessings to TM !
I suppose with more and more (of their own) people preferring Apple products they need all the help they can get.
If any app is found to be in violation of any rules to the disadvantage of the user it should be pulled IMMEDIATELY - no excuses, no bullshit.
I'm sure that Apple would be able to trace the serial numbers of these "confiscated" iPADs, and make them impossible to register. [racist comment removed]
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