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At least that means that we don't have to suffer that embarrassing prancing, shrieking, punching the air and jumping about of the company's head monkey anymore.
For the present MacPro it only needs a (couple of) manufacturer to come up with a ThunderBolt card, to plug into a PCI slot.....
"he would love to have the iPhone" Is easy to beleive - he would love the additional income !
Only a pig would lack the guts and manners to tell somebody to their face.
Too little, too late ! I've switched to iBANK for bank, credit card and petty cash accounts. It is an absolute breeze to use, and the syncing between DT Mac, iPAD, iPHONE and MBPro is wonderful. Have suggested the same to many customers (pity I'm not on commission !)
I can't quite see the $ signs in your eyes, Mr. Jandali, but I'm sure they are there.
OK, AppleInsider, Steve has resigned. We've got this message loud and clear, and SEVERAL TIMES. Now, could we please return to normal ? There are other things to be reported.
3,2,1... here we go It is obvious that the Gorish chap with his climate b******t has difficulty getting his message across. So he had to buy a platform...
Go on, Kent, run to mummy - she will give you a lolly and put a plaster on your sore spot. Or stop behaving like a like a little child who missed out on some sweeties.
I can't make up my mind whether to feel sorry for Steve Barmy, "captain of the sinking ship Microsoft" or to admire his fighting spirit in spite of all odds. When i saw the way he pranced about on stage, punching the air, shrieking voice, but with an almost desperate look on his face I knew that he knew he's losing the battle.
New Posts  All Forums: