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Sorry, double post.
No, that is absolutely true. Everyone I know with a digital camera (most people) will do minor adjustments to colour, cropping etc. Hardly anyone I know edits video. I do (even though I don't have my own camcorder), and so does my father-in-law. He uses Adobe Premiere Elements on the PC, but there is nothing he does which could not be done quicker and easier in iMovie 08 (except chapter markers)). He absolutely loved the skimming feature. That, by itself, could be...
I can understand why people are upset at the changes from 06 to 08. However, I never used iMovie 06. I could use it - I knew how - but I never did. The main reasons were: 1. destructive editing and 2. I had access to FCP. Now, even if I use FCP for more advanced work, iMovie 08 still has value to me in how quickly I can put something together. Also, the library is really useful (although, because I have a MacBook as my primary machine, I can't keep much in the...
'Virii' would be the plural of 'virius', which is not a word I have ever heard of. As far as I recall (I studied latin at university, but it was quite a while ago now), the plural of virus would be 'viri' with one 'i'.
With all the things the USA is criticized for internationally these days, I can't believe that people overlook the lack of the metric system. The USA holding out causes unnecessary problems for everyone (including Americans). Is there any chance that a worldwide movement of change for GiB etc could break the dam and bring on the metric system in the US (and even better, replace 8.5x11 etc paper sizes with A4 and A series sizes). This is it! Our chance to change the world...
OmniDiskSweeper doesn't seem to show sizes for files in another user's folder. I suspect the other program is the same. Is there another user who may have a large iTunes library or something, or ripped DVDs etc? If so, you need to run the size checker while logged in as the other user. On my machine, the amount Omni DS shows as free is less than the total minus the amount used. The difference is made up by about 2GB in my wife's iPhoto library.
Crazy marketing names aren't limited to software. My all time most hated name is: PricewaterhouseCoopers (the accounting firm) Why, when merging Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand did they think it necessary to remove all spaces between the words and, worse still, make the 'W' in 'waterhouse' lowercase? Just thought I would throw in that pet peeve.
It's a matter of workflow. Aperture is designed to let you rate, sort, keyword and process images quickly, as well as providing the most commonly used image adjustments. Photoshop doesn't have 9/10ths of what Aperture is good for, just as Aperture only has a tiny subset of Photoshop's image adjustment tools. The issue is whether most people need those tools that Aperture doesn't provide. Most likely they don't (at least not for most images). No matter how fast...
When this topic was raised frequently a while ago, I recall it being said that AAC+ was worse than standard AAC at higher bitrates. If so, that is the answer. In any event, for standard bitrates (128 to say 256) AAC is pretty close to as good as it gets. I have seen nothing that suggests any other format is markedly superior. Adam R
iChat can connect to the AIM network. cheers Adam
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