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Yep. Most American companies of run by people knowledgeable about getting tax breaks and tax payer money from one government or another, knowledgeable about their golden parachutes and office politics, and whose knowledge amounts to little more than looking at spreadsheets. As Steve Jobs said, the best companies are run by engineers/scientists. They actual know important stuff.
There may be a quid-pro-quo between Tesla and Apple. During lull periods for Tesla employees, they get to work for Apple, when Tesla needs them, they get to come back. Nothing wrong, and a lot right with cross-polination between Apple and Tesla.
A point missing from this discussion so far is transporting the iPad Pro.   Many times, I just carry my iPadAir alone. But, most often, I use a man-purse that holds my iPadAir along with assorted chargers, cables for AppleWatch, VGA/HDMI cables to hook up the iPadAir to projectors, pens/pencils, screen cleaners, Beats earphones, camera stands for the iPhone, a "stylus" for the iPad, and some miscellaneous other stuff.    So, how am I now going to carry and protect the...
I'm surprised only 10% for 6 Plus. I bought the 6 Plus has happy I did. Using a smaller model would seem just weird.
Merchants don't care? I doubt they don't care but I'm certain they are dealing with the October deadline. They need to upgrade their credit/debit/NFC equipment. What merchants do is dependent what equipment manufacturers are offering. I'm betting Apple along with other NFC proponents have their fingers in the manufacturers business. 
If it was obvious, why didn't others develop the designs and why are they now copying Apple's designs. Apple's design patents are only obvious after the fact. I read a great definition of both "thinking outside the box" and of the characteristic of genius. It's "seeing the obvious".
"The lawsuit claims that Nike and Apple engaged in violations of consumer protection laws in connection with the Nike+ FuelBand.  More specifically, the lawsuit alleges, among other things, that false and/or misleading statements were made regarding the Nike+ FuelBand’s ability to accurately track calories, steps, and NikeFuel, and that there were breaches of the warranty terms of the Nike+ FuelBand.  Nike and Apple deny the claims in the lawsuit and maintain that they did...
There is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is a liquidation -- meaning going out of business. Chapter 11 means the company continues to exist and pays of a percentage of debts to their creditors. Chapter 13 is similar to Chapter 11 but is used by individual people (families?), not corporations. 
There are virtually no acts which are not political. Certainly, every act which affects another is a political act. Looking the other way is a political act. Not acting is a political act. Every corporation is a political animal. They are politically created -- they don't exist except by the political act of passing a law which allows their creation.
Interesting problem. Probably doesn't make sense for Apple to ban all such games. But, the question does remain to what extent movies, games, literature, social media contribute to encouraging violence and hatred. One comedian has stated that right now, the only thing his three year old hates is naps. Hate and ignorance is taught and learned. His three year old doesn't really hate yet, but we know he will. And he will, because we will teach him.
New Posts  All Forums: