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Will the silliness never end?    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” -- Mark Twain.
All the western governments are broke. Most of ours and their GDP are based on speculative stocks and financial institutions which are not based on productivity. Austerity in EU has collapsed all but Germany. None of the governments seem to exist for the people who live there. They have all bought into trickle down. Corporations want the benefits without paying for them. 
A pen with a larger iPad is just the ticket. An iPad emulating A4, 8 1/2 x 11 or legal size pads would be ideal. Add to that OS and software that would simultaneously allow reading a book and taking notes (like writing notes in the margins) would drive sales for certain. I would definitely buy such a device.
As for current owners not upgrading to iPhone 6, it's likely they will wait for the iPhone 7.
I went to the link recommended in this article which gives instructions on how to get automatic updates of flash. That adobe forum page tells me I'm running Flash, and I'm running Firefox on a Window 8 machine. Say what? My version is actually, running Safari on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 So much for Adobe program quality.
Note: all the information presented was based on a fairly small sample of respondents. I don't know how the sample was chosen nor how representative the sample was. The safe bet is to wait until the actual numbers are published. 
We'll see how well MS pulls this off. It might give Apple a run for its money, as it did, finally with Windows 3.1. Apple shouldn't be listening to its fanboy base and take this competition seriously. The ability to run same software on multiple devices cannot be oversold. Apple's lame attempts to make Pages, Numbers applications work on OS X, iOS, and web resulted in complete loss of functionality -- they're not even toy applications any more. And Apple's iBook...
Who needs to run Windows? I certainly don't anymore. Both Parallels and VM Fusion cause big performance problems running Windows OS and Windows apps. But, the ability to do so and the use of BootCamp (which I've never used) couldn't be a better marketing tool for Macs and for those wanting buy a Mac but needing an argument for purchasing an expensive Mac over a cheap PC. 
Apple doesn't have enough software developers and expertise to continue iOS and Mac OS upgrades -- that is obvious. Pages and iBooks are crap software now -- not even comparable to the freeware given out with new Windows PCs. And, they're abandoning software development for movies, photos. Adding a new OS for the iWatch is not going to help. Perhaps they are taking on too much of the philosophy of Jonny Ive where simplicity and elegance trump functionality. That is, a...
Can you say "wild speculation"? Software is of minor importance. First, sensors for health issues need to be invented and developed. In many cases, this means sensors that can be embedded. Think of this as a 20-year development cycle -- typical in research to product. All this needs to be in development at the university level. Assuming we're 10 years into the research phase, we've got 10 more years before useful products will be available -- and at a high initial...
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