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There is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is a liquidation -- meaning going out of business. Chapter 11 means the company continues to exist and pays of a percentage of debts to their creditors. Chapter 13 is similar to Chapter 11 but is used by individual people (families?), not corporations. 
There are virtually no acts which are not political. Certainly, every act which affects another is a political act. Looking the other way is a political act. Not acting is a political act. Every corporation is a political animal. They are politically created -- they don't exist except by the political act of passing a law which allows their creation.
Interesting problem. Probably doesn't make sense for Apple to ban all such games. But, the question does remain to what extent movies, games, literature, social media contribute to encouraging violence and hatred. One comedian has stated that right now, the only thing his three year old hates is naps. Hate and ignorance is taught and learned. His three year old doesn't really hate yet, but we know he will. And he will, because we will teach him.
Snowden is probably one of the few Americans who could be called a true patriot. People like the above commeters are a big part of the problem.
Graphics input devices are going to see Apple setting up the iPad as a competing input device. Currently, I don't find the crop of White Board applications very good, but by Apple bringing that functionality deep into the Mac/iPad worlds, these applications should see a significant improvement in function.
We'll see how swift develops. Java is a hog for resources, and Apple devices cannot support java. One might need to think of Swift as a Java alternative.
No Apple TV at WWDC? If the Apple TV is to be the hub for HomeKit, and this is the year to pushing HomeKit out, Apple TV device will definitely move forward but without TV services.
My sense is if you want to work for Apple, you'd better be at the top of your game.
One reason for getting a phone every year is to hand older phones to other family members. For a family of four, it makes sense. 
It doesn't necessarily follow that what Apple is able to do in China they will be able to do in the U.S. It's access to reliable (and "accurate") consistent data pure and simple. Apple will never get clean data in the U.S. Multiple sources, conflicting information, incomplete information dooms Apple, Google and every other mapping vendor. GIGO.
New Posts  All Forums: