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My Apple Watch arrived tonight, with the watch indicating 47 minutes used since last charge.
I overheard two genetics researchers talking recently regarding the ethics of general DNA testing. The results so far, they agreed, was that 10% of those whose DNA was sampled were not related to their fathers, to the participants' surprise.DNA testing just for fun can result in quite unexpected consequences and ramifications for all involved.
Bluetooth has a big problem. Only one device at a time.
Blame it on the iPad? Likely it was a American Airline software bug, and that software might have been installed on some iPads, or they made changes to their backend and didn't update software on their iPads to handle it.
I see a reprise of the John Hodgman and Justine Long "Get A Mac" campaign, instead with the iPhone Guy and the Android Guy duking it out. Or the Samsung guy vs the Apple guy -- lawyers in the ring with Judge Lucy Koh as the ref.
My God, what is this world coming to? Americans must only be delivered pablum, because anything that might be "adult" taxes their feeble puerile brains.
Apple is not abandoning Pro users. They are abandoning all users. For Apple, functionality of software is not even an attribute they consider. As I review Apple's approach to software development, looking at how they want you to develop software in Swift. Design of the user interface is their first step in development. NO NO NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO.  Apple needs to fire their entire software development team, likely including Jony Ive. Anyone who places design over...
I trying to determine whether to place Apple at the top of the list of worst application development companies in the world, or just second worst.    Apple has done it again with Photos. iBooks suck, as does Pages, Numbers, iMovie. Now Photos has my vote. I organized iPhotos by Event, and created Projects or Albums based on slideshows. Events were critical as the event names gave me historic information like when a where the events took place.   Now all EVENT...
By far, from the research perspective, this is big. The limiting factor is sensors and that is even bigger. Much of what is known about what is normal and what is abnormal is based upon sampling of college students as research subjects and self-reporting. It would be a boon to get timely, contemporaneous and objective data on a mass scale.
Security that is not just band-aids takes much more than a little effort. I think it was Linus Torvalds (or maybe Edsgar Dijkstra) who was quoted as saying (though I haven't found the quote) that the biggest security problem is code with bugs. 
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