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Sounds like these are ambulance chasing attorneys. They actually have no plaintiffs who were harmed. As in most product class action cases, the big money in class action settlements go to the attorneys, while the actual plaintiffs get pennies. 
My connections to the internet are quite slow under OS X 8.1.1 which uses WIFI, of course, on an early 2011 MBP. Good to know its not my older hardware.
"Disruptive" has always be hackneyed, and wrong as something positive. Disruptive is to making progress as taking a sledgehammer to your TV and calling it fixing the TV. 
When did Apple allow uploading your own CDs into iTunes? That might be an element of Apple's defense. It seems I've always been able to import CDs but I wouldn't doubt that that functionality was not initially present.
the vast majority of stock trades on HFT. The reporting of stock prices for decades have been worthless indicators of anything, including the value and quality of a company. It's been technical trading for 40 years, based upon psychobabble theories. The psychobabble has now been incorporated into psycho-algorithms (psychorithms). But, it's still babble. 
I do. Many people do not have any access to digital devices, especially the disadvantaged. Yes, these folks tend to be digitally naive -- yes ignorant. So, here we have million or billion dollar retailers who are willingly and knowingly pawning off cheap (affordable) malware infested unsecure devices to people who just need a break.  Okay, for those who could afford an iPad and are merely anti-apple and cheap to boot -- yeah, I'd say serves you right -- but not for those...
Isaacson's Jobs book was not his best. It was rushed, and incomplete. Unless the screen play was merely based on Isaacson's book with additional and substantial new and original material, I'd say this movie is DOA. As time goes by and Apple becomes more and more the result of Cook's management and leadership, interest in Steve Job's will lessen.    It may be that Isaacson's newest published book, Innovators, which he was working on when he was hired to rush out a Steve...
You didn't get it. The key is ensure you have more than Apple as your customer. Business common sense. The rule: A big customer contracting with the smaller supplier will often require the business make substantial capital investments in order to accommodate them. That will be a large debt load. If you allow it, the big guy will control your business, and if the big guy leaves, your business is stuck with an infrastructure and debt it cannot afford. That is likely the...
Been looking for a device like this for years, keeping my eye out for them as they arrive. And even tried some products out, to the waste of good money. Sounds like this product might do it. It uses BlueTooth, it says. Which Bluetooth? Requires LE? Or does it support 3.0 also. Some of us have older machines (like from 2011). I would like to read their user guide before I consider buying this product. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the company makes the user guide...
I'll have to check this out. I listen to music, but I take long walks in quiet settings to listen to language lessons. Frequency is not much of an issue, but I'm tired to deknotting corded headphones, and would also like a convenient way to "back up" 5 to 10 seconds when I've missed a piece of sentence.
New Posts  All Forums: