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No. The subsidies can still exist. The phone companies were never subsidizing the phones, they were not detailing the loan agreement between them and the customer. Congress has done nothing of significance except change the line items on your phone bill. Now, the question is did congress actually forbid some real subsidies? As someone associated with a large university, part of my bill is discounted by 15%. At one point a bill going through congress was said to have...
It's not as though wearables are a must have now (or ever). They are in the fetal development phase at best. Why would Samsung knuckle under to google if Tizen had any viability? It is likely Samsung does not have the software and design talent, and will not hire more experienced foreigners to get the job done. They are very late to the software engineering game, and likely this is holding them back. It's also possible it will cause them to fail.
The monetary amount is inconsequential. The damage from the legal precedent is irreparable. The Gov basically decided make Amazon the sole gatekeeper of all book publishing.
IBM then creates consumer version of their enterprise apps. Apple uses enterprise knowledge to add features to iOS
That has been true from the beginning. Nothing new here.
Confusion? USPTO may be right. Remember this is about the American consumer.
Analysts everywhere for all companies behave the same way. Those for Apple, because they keep tight control over information about forthcoming products, must continue to report something. Analysts are in the business of making money buying and selling stock; no transaction, no money. Transactions are executed among brokers and brokers and the public who hold Apple stock. Each broker manages transactions between their clients making fees coming and going. Clients are all...
There is no reason that this professor would have needed to sign an NDA nor become a consultant to Apple. If Apple employees were merely asking an expert about the science and engineering of sapphire, and was not divulging Apple secrets during that encounter, no NDA would be necessary.The other reality is that NDA's are not valid if you actually do not disclose confidential information. It unnecessarily compromises the rights of the people signing. The professor also has...
I have an Apple TV. From what I can tell, Roku doesn't give me anything more than Apple TV does. That might be because I only pay for Netflix and nothing more. Roku does seem to offer more channels that I would have to pay for -- but ain't gonna'. But, Apple TV does give me access to my music library, iTunes movies and good enough free channels, and the ability to display screen shots from my Macs on the TV. I'm cheap, and have few wants (these certainly are not needs)....
For many people their desire to propagandize will always override facts. But, I have posted this letter several times in the last year. I'm seeing references to it now. Some people do learn, whereas before, there were none but mine.There's progress -- too rare and not enough -- but it is occurring.
New Posts  All Forums: