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I have an Apple TV. From what I can tell, Roku doesn't give me anything more than Apple TV does. That might be because I only pay for Netflix and nothing more. Roku does seem to offer more channels that I would have to pay for -- but ain't gonna'. But, Apple TV does give me access to my music library, iTunes movies and good enough free channels, and the ability to display screen shots from my Macs on the TV. I'm cheap, and have few wants (these certainly are not needs)....
For many people their desire to propagandize will always override facts. But, I have posted this letter several times in the last year. I'm seeing references to it now. Some people do learn, whereas before, there were none but mine.There's progress -- too rare and not enough -- but it is occurring.
Really, got to get rid of "diversity" since it's just discrimination in reverse?  Let's see. Want to sell products India? Better has some diversity somewhere. How about in Brazil? Mexico, Peru, Chile, France, Italy, Greece. Turkey, Egypt, Israel. Kenya, Nigeria. Black Americans, Indian Americans, Hispanic Americans. By all means, you only need old white men -- we are born unbiased and all knowing. I know I was -- just like you. 
To answer your Gore diatribe: Al Gore and the Internet By Robert Kahn and Vinton CerfDated: 28 Sep 2000 Al Gore was the first political leader to recognize the importance of the Internet and to promote and support its development.  No one person or even small group of persons exclusively invented the Internet. It is the result of many years of ongoing collaboration among people in government and the university community. But as the two people who designed the basic...
The iPhone's battery life would be much better if the iPhone was in standby mode most of the time, like the Samsung phones are. However, since I use my iPhone for doing a bunch of stuff every day, the battery tends discharge. Not a surprise. 
Why is Apple bringing the ads inside. Leaks? If apples pipeline is really as great as Apple says it is, they may be fringing the ads inside just for that reason.
Materials science is a big deal. Recently I was at a lecture where the researcher was discussing the life cycle of new materials. The labs at universities do the basic research, where funding is tight but where all new knowledge starts, then it takes another twenty years of work and invention to make the materials available for general use. The need for new materials is increasing because the problems that need to solved require it. The goal of the scientific and...
Apples competitor is Roku, not Google, in this area along with netflix. And never forget that all are up against the numerous suits who run the content providers. That is everybody's problem.
Perhaps Apple takes the idea of charity seriously. Is an action charitable if you do things which benefits you? There is an old quote which I heard many decades ago and goes something like: "One whose morality follows their self interest has no morality." Me thinks that something like that applies to charity.
Apple needs to do something to stop Amazon. Through government stupidity or collusion, Amazon is given a blank check to maintain its monopoly over books, ebooks in particular, and more and more over other products. Music and movies are still competitive. Amazon can certainly afford to push, these products, though they may not prove to be at the level of quality of Apple. They may eventually get it right.
New Posts  All Forums: