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Nothing to do with the iPad or android. Poor software and incompatibility with workflow either supports the business or doesn't.
It seems the Feds and courts are all about creating monopolies. Cases involving mergers always make the argument that mergers are legal if they will keep prices low or lower them. Ever lowering prices results in competitors never being able to enter the market. We then have production monopolies. That results in job monopolies. If one wants a stable and vibrant economy and jobs, you have to make it easy for competition to enter the market. Along with a tax policy that...
Expect GPS and cellular capabilities on upcoming Mac lines, and higher speed wifi. Expect increasingly common features in OS X and iOS and the applications. Expect improved touch control input for Mac laptops and keyboards. Since Apple has already built iOS device simulators into their develop software, they could make standalone simulators available on the Macs.
I applaud Apple, Jobs and family for anonymous giving. Most celebrity giving seems like cheap advertising for personal gain, since getting their pictures in EW and People and like are a way to keep themselves in the public eye -- their bread and butter. Donald Trump is a great example of a pathological liar and self-promoter acting differently from the sociopath he really is -- the Birther issues, demanding to see Obama's Harvard grades -- you know -- "Black's are...
Apple will have to cut a deal if they expect to sell their iPads to Turkey. I'll be the iPad minis, if any, I expect. Android/Samsung will undercut on price -- guaranteed. Then, the software. Who's going to develop the software?
It's not necessary to test every configuration or device. All one needs is a super EMF/RF generator and hammer away at the aircraft electronic and electrical system to force the effects that are said to be caused by iPhone interference. If the EMF/RF generator has to crank out 10 watts of power to cause effects to aircraft navigation electronics, you know with certainty that no iphone alone will be capable to doing so. 
The email obviously was part of the business discussion, where SJ and perhaps the publishers were looking to create a "real mainstream ebooks market". I don't know what SJ meant by "a real mainstream ebooks market", but it clearly was meant to distinguish SJ's proposals from Amazon. Why isn't Amazon's ebooks market a "real mainstream ebooks market"? The Amazon model vs that proposed by SJ and the publishers should be a key part of the discussion. What was the SJ vision,...
Yes. Just test it. It's call science. It means understanding the parameters, and setting up the experimental design to determine the combinations of parameters that cause interference. Are the behavior on the ground different than at 30,000 feet? Okay. Sounds like those are parameters that need to be tested.    Sounds like the issue is not that the tests cannot be run, but that people like you don't want to do the work. I'm sorry if the job takes knowledge and effort. I'm...
Why is there a question? Either devices do or don't cause the problems. Why is testimony needed? Why are there suggestions that maybe, it was likely, that the iphone caused instruments to misbehave. The solution is simple. Controlled experiments. It's called science. Either iphones can cause problems or they can't.
Who was going to drop their current phone and the FB phone. It was never going to be a phone people would rush out to buy. If it succeeds, it will be over the long haul.
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