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It doesn't matter how great a product Apple designs if they can't produce it. Apple is becoming another Tesla Motors. Their stock is now about 100 points below their high of just a couple months ago and that plunge is deserved. They cannot compromise on quality but they can't push the suppliers passed what they can do. Is Samsung really that much better at building quality components than everyone else? If that is the case, Samsung's got Apple over the proverbial...
Those who complain about buying the iPad 3 and now the iPad 4 is out with twice the speed, and other features really shouldn't complain. As an iPad 2 user, the iPad 3 did not have the specs to make the upgrade worthwhile. Adding retina display was simply not worth it to me. If it was worth it to you, then you made a good purchase. If it was not, then it's your fault. The iPad 4 now IS a worthy update to the iPad 2. I certainly don't expect an iPad 5 coming Spring 2013...
It's not wages. The US manufacturing infrastructure is gone, manufacturing skill is gone, people aren't be trained in sufficient quantity to bring these jobs back. Most education is now focused on business and finance degrees -- worthless. US industry for the most part makes money, not products.
Wonderful piece.
It perhaps could build the factories in the US, but they'd have to bring Chinese workers here to do the actual work. The US does not have trained workers; we graduate MBA's and bankers and financial advisors not folks who can make stuff. And who's going to train enough tool and die makers and build tool and die factories to build the components that go into the iDevices?    Where is Apple going to find skilled high school students who will eventually learn the engineering...
Keynote already beats PowerPoint, but neither Pages nor Numbers have the power of Word or Excel. Apple needs to bring these productions up a couple of notches in power. If they leave the bloatness and bugs that MS puts into their products, Apple could have strong winners.
Make no sense to tighten down on Apple security in the US, when it is the folks in China doing the leaking. Idiotic, instead. 
What is Apple's and Samsung's contract? Can Samsung unilaterally breach the contract with Apple? Didn't Apple pour money into Samsung just so it could build Apple products? Depending on these answers, this action could the start of lawsuits of death between these companies.
Correct, of course.    Instead of these Apple products, think vehicles. SMART car, electric, hybrid, medium size car, mini-van, van, pickup truck, motorcycle, power boat. Certainly, there will be some price comparisons among these options to understand the function/price ratio, but someone who needs a pickup will not care a wit about the cost of the other vehicle types. 
It needs to be a speed update, like A6 also. The new iPad is no faster than the iPad 2 because of the cycles needed to handle the retina display. A lightning connector only change will make little sense if the 2013 iPad version would be 3-4 months out after XMas. 
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