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I should have been more or less specific. Such contracts as between HTC and Apple likely fall into the area of trade secrets, of which NDAs are part. NDA's are likely less protected than other trade secrets since NDAs are often widely offered and not easily enforced. The specific patents that are being cross-licensed are, however trade secrets if the parties treated them as such. The cross-licensing agreement between HTC and Apple are irrelevant as to Samsung because HTC...
I see an interlocutory appeal coming from Apple. This clearly violates typical NDAs which every company requires of its employees and contractees. Koh has just made all NDA details discoverable by any litigant.
Does it mean anything that this movie is the closer at Sundance? Might be a positive sign. But, I can't believe Kelso will be a good choice.
I can't image Apple not doing this testing. If they promise certain functionality, and put it in their advertising, guess who gets sued if the functionality they promised isn't available? Apple has lost several legal suits just on this point just this year. Then Apple has a contract with the providers, and I would suspect the providers must deliver what they promised to Apple under their contract. Again, due diligence says test and verify. Apple has also experienced...
Good price. I wonder if they're eating the cost? Their main bread and butter is Windows and Office so I'm expecting the Surface Pro to be a loss-leader that they will lose money on to sell their software. We should wait to see if MS publishes this information separately, or hides the figures like Amazon and Google do.
Can't be timing because the comparison is based on the same quarter as last year. This estimate is a real decline. The reasons will have to be analyzed. The drop in Apples stock may have made their products seem less attractive.
No problem with my upgrade back in Sept, except it didn't come up smoothly, and I had to reboot it, as it didn't come up on its own.
Aren't all PC's of lackluster design? I suppose MS thinks the Surface is not lackluster. Need to only watch the sales numbers carefully (sales to customers not sales to distributors).
Rumor has it that iCloud is implemented in part using Microsoft's Azure. If true, one should not be surprised by iCloud's problems.
That's true, unless you have multiple Apple IDs (which I do have), and then you are required to log in to the Apple ID account under which the App was originally purchased. I, for one, want to know up front under which Apple ID I'm about to acquire an app or book or music, etc. Being forced to enter the password is precautionary. Frankly, I think it is a security risk to allow even free apps to be downloaded without requiring a password.    Apple needs to really handle...
New Posts  All Forums: