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It's not necessary to test every configuration or device. All one needs is a super EMF/RF generator and hammer away at the aircraft electronic and electrical system to force the effects that are said to be caused by iPhone interference. If the EMF/RF generator has to crank out 10 watts of power to cause effects to aircraft navigation electronics, you know with certainty that no iphone alone will be capable to doing so. 
The email obviously was part of the business discussion, where SJ and perhaps the publishers were looking to create a "real mainstream ebooks market". I don't know what SJ meant by "a real mainstream ebooks market", but it clearly was meant to distinguish SJ's proposals from Amazon. Why isn't Amazon's ebooks market a "real mainstream ebooks market"? The Amazon model vs that proposed by SJ and the publishers should be a key part of the discussion. What was the SJ vision,...
Yes. Just test it. It's call science. It means understanding the parameters, and setting up the experimental design to determine the combinations of parameters that cause interference. Are the behavior on the ground different than at 30,000 feet? Okay. Sounds like those are parameters that need to be tested.    Sounds like the issue is not that the tests cannot be run, but that people like you don't want to do the work. I'm sorry if the job takes knowledge and effort. I'm...
Why is there a question? Either devices do or don't cause the problems. Why is testimony needed? Why are there suggestions that maybe, it was likely, that the iphone caused instruments to misbehave. The solution is simple. Controlled experiments. It's called science. Either iphones can cause problems or they can't.
Who was going to drop their current phone and the FB phone. It was never going to be a phone people would rush out to buy. If it succeeds, it will be over the long haul.
Strange law. There is no protectionism involved as far a taxes on Apple and Android products are concerned, however. They are not taxing these products to give a leg up to French tablet makers. Homogeneity is not a good thing, and I applaud France for having pride in their culture and wanting the French to be in charge of it, rather than moneyed interests. Whether they are going about it in the right way is the question, not their goal.
I've wanted something similar for some time. I used to RF unlocking my car door, the ability to start the car with the fob in your pocket. I long expect something similar for house keys.
Wow. Obviously you've never been introduced to truly useful software, nor are you even a beginning user. Please, stop the genuflection, and get with the Use Cases that would make iOS products better. 
I don't care about skeuomorphism. If that's is the only changes the Ive is pushing, then Apple has problems. Contacts, calendar, mail do not work and does not have the functionality of OS X applications. Calendars, only two alerts, no custom repeats. Contacts: No ability to search within groups, no ability to move contacts into groups, or multiple groups. Mail: No rules. Especially because the need for a laptop is supposed to no longer be required, iOS 7 apps need all the...
Cook is making the big mistake of caring what investors think. Cook is taking SJ's final words to him "Don't ask, "What would Steve do"?" too seriously. SJ would say, ignore Wall Street. Cook and the other boys ask what would Steve do. SJ would be right.
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