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Wow. Obviously you've never been introduced to truly useful software, nor are you even a beginning user. Please, stop the genuflection, and get with the Use Cases that would make iOS products better. 
I don't care about skeuomorphism. If that's is the only changes the Ive is pushing, then Apple has problems. Contacts, calendar, mail do not work and does not have the functionality of OS X applications. Calendars, only two alerts, no custom repeats. Contacts: No ability to search within groups, no ability to move contacts into groups, or multiple groups. Mail: No rules. Especially because the need for a laptop is supposed to no longer be required, iOS 7 apps need all the...
Cook is making the big mistake of caring what investors think. Cook is taking SJ's final words to him "Don't ask, "What would Steve do"?" too seriously. SJ would say, ignore Wall Street. Cook and the other boys ask what would Steve do. SJ would be right.
This is simply a potential step in merging future iPads with MBA and merging iOS with OS X. Living in a post-PC world, the need for both power of a PC and touch of the tablet is critical.
Limited information. Sales at AT&T and Verizon are not total sales. The better data would be activations and usage data, which I'm certain both providers have readily on hand. There is nothing in the piece worth repeating.
Never has been, especially today. Mergers and acquisitions have one of two reasons. Make a quick buck for investors by saddling businesses with debt so investors reap substantial profit while raping the company and its employees -- this is what Icahn wants to do to Dell. Second is to create monopoly to prevent competitors coming into the market by keeping prices so low, competitors cannot enter the market. This how Amazon works for books, and why Apple's deal with...
We are in a pre-PC world. The tablet will increase in capability while maintaining its form factor, with add-ons. The iPadPC will have to use Intel chips and run current OS X software, including OS X. The current iOS software is very limited on the iPad and iPhone; it cannot stay that way. I see the iPad and MacBook Air merging. It must.
The problem is the Apple store simply doesn't allow for discovery of apps that might be of interest. There is too many, not enough search options, too many "discovered" apps that are irrelevant. The problems with the iTunes store in general is that it is a lot less useful, especially as compared to Amazon's examples when reviewing books. Apple needs to expand quality reviews of books, and apps. The paucity of such information makes shopping on iTunes more like dumpster...
My argument was correct and on point, and an appropriate reading of prior USPTO decisions as far as I went. Of course, as an attorney, I hedged my discussion to the point that it was a limited to the examiner's rationale, and wasn't a legal determination.    I can't believe you are gainfully employed. Your comments and views are so pitiful and pathetic that anyone hiring you would be scraping the bottom of the barrel. 
Johnson now clearly was a failure at JCP, so don't bring him back. Wasn't that the argument against bringing SJ back to Apple?
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