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Make no sense to tighten down on Apple security in the US, when it is the folks in China doing the leaking. Idiotic, instead. 
What is Apple's and Samsung's contract? Can Samsung unilaterally breach the contract with Apple? Didn't Apple pour money into Samsung just so it could build Apple products? Depending on these answers, this action could the start of lawsuits of death between these companies.
Correct, of course.    Instead of these Apple products, think vehicles. SMART car, electric, hybrid, medium size car, mini-van, van, pickup truck, motorcycle, power boat. Certainly, there will be some price comparisons among these options to understand the function/price ratio, but someone who needs a pickup will not care a wit about the cost of the other vehicle types. 
It needs to be a speed update, like A6 also. The new iPad is no faster than the iPad 2 because of the cycles needed to handle the retina display. A lightning connector only change will make little sense if the 2013 iPad version would be 3-4 months out after XMas. 
I hope iBooks 3 will support more advanced ePub. Mention was made recently that the ePub protocol was being updated to handle math. Math and other technical symbols used in science are not well supported by any eReader protocol, leaving such books unavailable for eBooks.    Given the push for using tablets in schools, and the push for better STEM education, it's important that publishers be able to offer such eBooks. iBooksAuthor likewise will have to be upgraded to...
I owned MOT for a number of years, but saw it's design and innovation in the phone area and chip area lackluster. It wasn't just that the stock was going nowhere (I invest for the long term), it didn't see MOT having any future but some aging IP. The $12.5B Google put out to purchase MOT was too high but I expected GOOG to revive MOT to recoup their purchase price. Not what happened.   If you recall, MOT was the designer and supplier of the G3/G4 and promised G5 Apple was...
Sorry, though numbers are numbers, we're past the first grade, and it's not numbers but the numbers' meanings that are important. Financial accounting is a funny animal, and its pretty easy to create transactions as Sales Revenue to give the impression that a product is doing well when that is not the case.   You only have to go back 10 years to listen the SJ discuss how Apple Music store got started and how Apple put the music/cd brick and mortar stores out of business....
These numbers are very unlikely. Enterprises are always cautious to moving to new OSes, so there is no chance that Windows 8 will be getting into the hands of any enterprise users quickly. These numbers can only be sales into the pipeline, and as one person suggested, to PC vendors gathering licenses for preloading on new PCs. I certainly won't be installing Windows 8 in my VM without knowing more about it, and how it will run the few Windows apps I, infrequently, use.
MS may be becoming a victim of its own vision statement from the early Bill Gates era: "Windows Everywhere". Add MS Office to that, and you have the complete MS business model.   There business model is also to sell to the enterprise, not to the ultimate user. That could work, of course, since they still and likely will always have a lock on the enterprise, but its permanence now is not guaranteed. 
Tim Cooks interview at AllThingsD this year he mentioned that the use of American labor would add $50 to $100 to their products. But something more important he said stuck with me. China has, from what I've read, about 700,000 tool and die makers, many being used in Apples' Chinese supply chain, equivalent to filling many large cities. I checked the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and their numbers indicate the US has only about 70,000 total, as of the May 2011...
New Posts  All Forums: