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Nokia is dead. Nokia can't survive to end of year. Why to these folks lie? How do you close your last manufacturing plant, and then say you're cutting overhead. Overhead are the leaders of Nokia and their cronies. Their manufacturing plant is the only portion of their company that is NOT overhead.
  What does it have to do with a new iPhone. A new iPhone will have the functions described in the patent. Isn't that obvious?   What does the new patent have to do with competitors? If the patent is viable (or even if it is not), then competitors see what Apple has in its future plans. Invaluable, and worthy of NDAs. Competitors now have the time and review the patent, determine its weaknesses and holes, then design around them to create their own devices that can...
Was this patent release a mistake, or is the new iPhone (or other device) nearing release? If Apple is not planning this release for the fall, but perhaps a year or more later, then the publication of this patent now gives competitors as significant head start. If, however, Apple will release, say an iPhone and other devices, in the fall, then this patent publication will have little effect but to 1) stop Windows 8 in its tracks will trying to come up with an answer, 2)...
Excellent observation. Hopefully, parents will be able to ensure a password opt-in for this important function.
Maybe the tactical building will be used to house research and design of components that would eventually be installed in their main building. 
That is incorrect. There are trademarks, for sure, but, there are also Design Patents, which are separate and distinct from both trademarks and utility patents (for which we euphemistically call "inventions"). However, patents expire but trademarks do not. Coke's design for the bottle was protected by a design patent, which expired, so Coke as able to persuade the courts to give them a permanent trademark in the design, so they now own it forever.
What a deal! I need to rush out and buy this before the sale ends. Where does the line start?
Proof is in the pudding, as they say. Before Apple's iPad, there was no lack of companies making tablets, they were made, they were pushed, they were shown around and hyped. Nothing came of them. To the dump, all of them.   iPad was shown, just 3 years ago. It was cool, it did stuff, it was touch like the iPhone but better in many ways. Where everyone before had failed, Apple succeeded. Why? Because Apple created a product that worked, and on many levels.   Now,...
If your a developer who equates GUI use to computer illiteracy, you're a developer with no clients.   To play on the "If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?", and "If a man makes a statement, and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?", I'd add, "If a programmer writes programs and there is no one who uses them, is he still a programmer?"
This is more serious than the issue of dumb people. Java executions should be sandboxed. I sounds like, at least for some versions of Java, users are able to install and execute either native libraries that Java will access to Java code using JNDI to get unlimited access to the machine.    However, is PowerPC and Rosetta still important. I haven't missed Rosetta since it was pulled from the OS and I haven't missed the programs that utilized it.
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