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I'd have to agree, but perhaps for different reasons. I see the future use of the iPad in schools to allow individualization of materials and content, and support for numerous education apps. In order to allow for individualization, online assessment and access to materials based on the assessment will be important. Apps which allow content to be pushed by the teacher, and live monitoring of student progress will also take iPad resources. For our little folk, the size and...
I've populated databases with 100's and 1000's of fake records for the purpose of testing and then executed automated tests. Standard procedure. 
Apple used to be famous for producing high quality products. It is then quite a black eye that they are designing and attempting to manufacture components that have high poor quality yields. So, we have the poor yields of the iPhone 5, iPad mini and 13" MacBook Pro. This is serious failure on the part of Apple and their partners. Demand for Apple products will simply fall off the cliff if they can't deliver the goods. If Apple doesn't clean up their supply chain, then...
It's not as though facts and fact checking is easy or even doable. There is value in getting "information" out, but rumor and fake news and fake reporting is endemic.    To quote/paraphrase Mark Twain: If you don't read the news, you're uninformed; if you read the news, you're misinformed.
Anybody in favor of truth?
If their quality control of the iPad-mini is as bad as iOS 6, even a limited supply is going to be plenty.
Your misrepresenting what Hogan said. And what he did say in the interview I saw was legally correct, as far as it goes.Finally, he wasn't "the" expert. Several other jurors held patents, and were equally capable of interpreting the jury instructions regarding prior art, for example. So, what you had in the jury was many highly accomplished people, with substantial personal knowledge of patents. This was not a jury of bumpkins with one person by force of knowledge or...
Jury misconduct is not acceptable, and what you describe is just that. What I find interesting is that Samsung is not, yet, arguing jury misconduct, but merely that hogan failed, in this part of the voir dire, to disclose more of his legal experience.This is a weak argument, and not one which has any chance of succeeding in having the decision thrown out.The fact that hogan, in an interview, discussed his interpretation of how to read a patent, and shared that with the...
Apple is doing fine -- no more late night phone calls? Given Apple's many failures with iOS 6 and perhaps iPhone 5, all of which can and should have been caught prior to public sale, I'd say Apple is definitely not doing fine. It may be that Jobs was a pain the asymptote but perhaps this is what is required to come close to building truly great products.
Unless Nokia has some patents of value, Nokia has nothing which an Apple or Msft or Chinese company would want to buy. Like all companies, The Nokia business became nothing more than the administrative side -- the managers, financial advisers, the lawyers, the CEO and his friends. The substance of the company no longer exists.
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