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What largesse! Thanks but no thanks.
I doubt security of NFC is a problem. NFC has a very short distance (4cm or less), so one is protected from distant hacking. A key reason for Apple is the need to add a third antenna, acting as an induction coil. As an antenna, the amount of wire required is 11m. I wouldn't be surprised if Bluetooth 4 is being pushed as an alternative to current NFC/RFID.   Another reason NFC was not in the iPhone 5 is the technology is not ubiquitous and there are still battles raging...
Interesting to note from article where their bottlenecks were. I had assumed, given the reported altercations at some Foxconn assembly plants, that the bottleneck was in the final assembly. But this article says they were having component supply problems. Quite a difference and would mean that the prior bottlenecks would be amendable to standard quality control tasks such as tolerances, temperature, chemical, material purity, etc of automated assembly systems, and the...
This rumor has the same validity as WMD.
There is no sacrifice. I looked at the mini and iPad 4 this afternoon and the resolution was extraordinary, indistinguishable. You'd have to be the princess with a pea under her mattress to find the difference important. 
$199 can't be done. No money to recoup manufacturing startup and tooling, prep for multiple component vendors, ensure quality control, design, R&D. 
Cook is not SJ. I doubt SJ needed to mediate anything. SF couldn't outmuscle SJ, and perhaps SF became emboldened after SJ's death, and became more unbearable. Cook (and Board?) couldn't control SF, and SF couldn't control himself, so he was fired. 
Forstall knows a lot about Apple, for sure. But, non-compete clauses, non-disclosure agreements will keep him far away from Apple competitors. 
Agreed. For each new product announcement, 50% of the PR is how incredibly thin it is. What is the point? The thinness is an engineering marvel; I get that. I'm might be just a clod, but I would not have been able to tell the difference if it wasn't pointed out to me. 
I think the key issue with this stitched leather, and other similar design efforts, is that its design and implementation took away from adding and improving functionality. From what I've read (rumors all, of course) is these kind of decisions was an important source of friction between Forstall and Ive.
New Posts  All Forums: