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MS cannot buy the expertise to build their own platforms. The hardware OEMS are not innovative, so there is no one to buy, or to hire. MS will have to develop an entire industry on their own to compete with Apple. MS framework is low cost not high quality (or quality people would be willing to shell out big bucks for). MS is still "Windows Everywhere" so any product they build will be designed to sell Windows and have no other redeeming value.    That is MS's mode of...
Your problem. Europe is following the conservatives' policy agendas and are into a double-dip recession, whereas the US is growing. The debt is an issue but debt incurred to expand production is useful debt. Debt used to bailout the rich who make nothing but money caused the problems in the first place. If the Republicans had got their way, we would have 25% or 30% unemployment, like Greece, Portugal, Spain. They are all going down the tubes big time. Within two years,...
You're reading the tracking wrong. Looks confusing but times are "local" which means some entries show they've arrived before they've left. 
Got mine about 11:30 a.m. A day earlier than Apple promised, and 4 days earlier than FedEx promised. Happy camper. It took a while to configure from the data on my 32GB iPad2. Back, restore, review, etc. Then clean up iPad2 for other members of family to use. And yes, the Retina display is a noticeable improvement over the iPad2 display -- easier on the old eyes.
Of course, Apple knows the serial numbers of all the devices stolen. These are not cans of green beans. 
Some are saying they've bought online and they receive just a mirror.
Perhaps the demand has slipped making it appear that the supply is catching up.
The rumor of an iPhone 5S may be garbage -- or wishful thinking. If the yields needed for the iPhone 5 simply are not there, Apple has little choice but to modify. iPhone 5S means iPhone 5, Second try.
The outcome is not only determined by what information Hogan discussed, but what the jury instructions were, where Hogan got his information (if he did his own legal research, then the jury would be tainted), how the discussion actually went, the give and take within the jury room. I look forward to the hearing and learning more.
What largesse! Thanks but no thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: