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Jury misconduct is not acceptable, and what you describe is just that. What I find interesting is that Samsung is not, yet, arguing jury misconduct, but merely that hogan failed, in this part of the voir dire, to disclose more of his legal experience.This is a weak argument, and not one which has any chance of succeeding in having the decision thrown out.The fact that hogan, in an interview, discussed his interpretation of how to read a patent, and shared that with the...
Apple is doing fine -- no more late night phone calls? Given Apple's many failures with iOS 6 and perhaps iPhone 5, all of which can and should have been caught prior to public sale, I'd say Apple is definitely not doing fine. It may be that Jobs was a pain the asymptote but perhaps this is what is required to come close to building truly great products.
Unless Nokia has some patents of value, Nokia has nothing which an Apple or Msft or Chinese company would want to buy. Like all companies, The Nokia business became nothing more than the administrative side -- the managers, financial advisers, the lawyers, the CEO and his friends. The substance of the company no longer exists.
As soon as Apple said the Map team was on "lockdown" to fix the problems, I knew Cook and clan are incompetent. "Lockdown" is management-speak for management's view that their employees are miscreants, and must be chained to their desks to get work done. Oh, and that the CEO's and other management were not at fault, say, forcing employees to perform work against their advice that their was not enough support for getting the job done and the time frame demanded by...
Solves the problem syncing iPad and iPhone with iTunes. I wouldn't have guessed iPhoto was the problem, but glad it is fixed.
Apple seems to be taking its cues from Micrsoft. There are no problems; they are features. Anyone taking bets that Apple's stock will drop into the low 500s before the end of the year?
Systemic QC failure at Apple. Quality and correctness is being abandoned. The list of small holes in this ship will eventually sink Apple. Time for the Apple Board to put Cook and clan on notice and start internal investigations. Not acceptable. It's the well-known broken window problem; it needs to be fixed NOW.
I thought map caching was one of the key needs which Maps was to deliver. I haven't the opportunity to test this yet, but it was one of the weaknesses of Google that Apple was trying to overcome in its version.
Schiller's response could not have been in response to hyperventilating hysteria because Schiller went too far in the admission if it were to be addressing only hysteria, or a few bad iPhone 5's or iPhone 5s that had been significantly mishandled by owners. I do expect aluminum to scratch and have other flaws when, say, hit with a hammer or the actions of 2 year olds you describe. But, Schiller's comments did not address that the iPhone 5 was not ruggedized and was not...
The mention of other competitors is minor. What is not minor is the inference that it will be quite a while before Apple corrects the problems with its own solution, and offers services at least comparable to its competitors. That, alone, is telling. It seems honest, by that inference.
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