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If this judge's rulings are still open for appeal, or if UK law allows Apple to appeal given this new information, then we might be in for some interesting tangles. It certainly appears ethically suspect.
That's the point of this chipset. One chipset, one set of support components. No problem.    On the physical side however, is the antenna. I'll let the experts discuss whether this is an issue. 
The prior iPad is not obsolete, its just that there is a newer model. tough.
The last thing Apple needs to do is please vulture investors. Apple might as well do a Dell, and become a private company and keep the greedy investors away. One has to remember, investors want make their money the old-fashioned way -- rape and pillage.
Gates is wrong that MS had the opportunity. They still don't have the opportunity. They clearly have neither the culture nor the talent to implement competitive systems. A company, like an individual, must first be prepared to take advantage of opportunities that might present itself. MS was and is not so prepared. It's as silly to say MS had the opportunity to get into this market, as to say that a high school dropout missed his opportunity to apply for the neurosurgery...
Apple should make iWork more complete, and functional to compete with Office Suite, which gets buggier with every release. OpenOffice is not a real competitor for MS Office. Best bet for Apple might be to make iWork or Pages and Numbers (and Bento/Filemaker) open source and let developers have at it, so these applications can be made real competitors. Apache has shown such a process can work quite well.
Neither Forbes nor Reuters ever knows what they're talking about. They are PR generators. 
This is not just a Surface problem (pun intended) -- it is a core problem. Windows 8 is awful, at least on the ASUS laptop I was playing with. Maybe it was the awful bundled software ASUS installed, but Windows 8 is just pitiful. Add that Windows 8 must include both keyboard, mouse, and touch interfaces, and a wide range of platform functionality, and be backwards compatible with previous Windows version makes this OS a platform only Dr Frankenstein could love.
But, 1M shares is a huge sell-off if done quickly, warping the price. Especially with robotic trading, a huge drop in price orchestrated by hedge funds would mean that those trying to sell for more would be able to only if they would meet the lowered prices. It's a mob psychology, "run on the bank" activity, not rational -- likely also the explanation for Apple's price being driven up so quickly. Investors sell/buy based on technical considerations not based on evaluation...
No. Revenue is not Gross Revenue. And no, Profit is not Revenue - Expenses. There are all these pesky lines with different names measuring different things. Gross Margin, Net Taxes, Deferred Revenue, Prepaid Expenses, etc. Timing is everything. Accounting practices and laws determine when and how all this stuff is recognized and reported. 
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