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Sorry, but I'm fully ignorant of this data's significance. Is this data based upon connections to Chitika Insight's specific networks or clients, or is this information a sampling of "all" web traffic in the US and Canada? 
You might ultimately be correct, but you and none of us have any idea about it's software or hardware or its quality because, as you said, "no hands on demos to date". After that, nothing you say has any evidence backing it up.   This is different from the original iPad, which I bought sight-unseen based on SJ's demo of it, the hype on TV shows (such as Modern Family), and the real fact that the iPhone and iPodTouch had been out with proven quality, and the iPad was going...
Key issue for me. I was hoping the Surface commercial would tell me something it does that would make me interested in checking it out. The ad does not do it. Any object could have been used in this commercial and nothing would have changed (and probably was "any object" because these were plastic props with no functionality -- much like the real Surface?). 
Who owns who? These are all publicly-traded companies. Who owns and controls and influences these companies and their policies and practices is not so simple to label, and who do these companies own? Who are their suppliers, who do they supply? Under Citizen's United, does Sprint still get to "vote" in US elections, or does Softbank now do the "voting"? 
I'd have to agree, but perhaps for different reasons. I see the future use of the iPad in schools to allow individualization of materials and content, and support for numerous education apps. In order to allow for individualization, online assessment and access to materials based on the assessment will be important. Apps which allow content to be pushed by the teacher, and live monitoring of student progress will also take iPad resources. For our little folk, the size and...
I've populated databases with 100's and 1000's of fake records for the purpose of testing and then executed automated tests. Standard procedure. 
Apple used to be famous for producing high quality products. It is then quite a black eye that they are designing and attempting to manufacture components that have high poor quality yields. So, we have the poor yields of the iPhone 5, iPad mini and 13" MacBook Pro. This is serious failure on the part of Apple and their partners. Demand for Apple products will simply fall off the cliff if they can't deliver the goods. If Apple doesn't clean up their supply chain, then...
It's not as though facts and fact checking is easy or even doable. There is value in getting "information" out, but rumor and fake news and fake reporting is endemic.    To quote/paraphrase Mark Twain: If you don't read the news, you're uninformed; if you read the news, you're misinformed.
Anybody in favor of truth?
If their quality control of the iPad-mini is as bad as iOS 6, even a limited supply is going to be plenty.
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