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Criticism of Apple may be overboard but substantial criticism is due. iOS 6 maps and other problems are worthy of criticism. My concern is this is symptomatic of problems generally at Apple, obvious flaws like we've witnessed with iOS 6 and apps, and scratching of the aluminum in the iPhone 5 should never have made it out the door and certainly not made it past user testing. QC is lacking, and is underappreciated at Apple now. Cook and clan, being spreadsheet guys, are...
QC problems ARE technical production problems. 
Is it a "software" issue or a database issue. If the latter, Apple is likely in a heap of trouble. It doesn't matter how good your software is if the data upon which it relies is garbage.
Great solution. Giving developers the ability to tap into Apple maps is the best of both worlds. Of course, Apple itself will have to fix some of the current bugs in their maps application but this shows that they have created a modular system where corrections and improvements can be incremental. Quadra610 is a consumer -- wants stuff for free.
My sense is this amount would include the punitive damages for intentional infringement which the jury concluded, not actual damages. The jury explicitly determined that Apple's initial damages request was not supported by the evidence during trial, and the court is therefore unlikely to disagree on this point by increasing the amount of actual damages.
A minor update? The pundits must be looking at the iPhone 5 with their brains shut down. Hardware wise, the iPhone 5 is a significant upgrade: A6, new Qualcomm chips (LTE), new touchscreen technology, new size, new manufacturing process, new camera, possibly significant speed enhancement, new suppliers. Then there's the significant changes going from ios 5 to iOS 6. Many features will be backward compatible, of course, but still significant. The changes made for the...
Ridiculous! The court's ruling was simply based on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. This court simply does not have the jurisdiction to reverse an injunction issued by a separate court. Because both the jury verdict in this case, and the injunction issued in the other court are both either on appeal or in this court's case haven't even been entered (only the jury has come back with a decision -- the judge still has other issues in this case to resolve, such as...
Apple did invent their own A* with the A6 in the iphone 5. Any other points you want to make?
For sales to approach 10m, Apple and their suppliers have to build that many high quality products. Are they capable of doing that. Quality is my main concern. Imagine the horror of putting high numbers up, but producing a relatively high percentage of faulty products. I always hold my breath on this sole issue.
If this release has iOS 6 integration functions, then I would expect release to occur after ios 6 release and tests by beta users. So I would say release is not imminent; give it two weeks or a hair less.
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