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Please. Just stop watching f**king television -- do something useful.
This film will be the only one worth watching
"Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer". Thus, AppleInsider needs to cover Samsung. I'm sure Apple is. The converse is Apple's problem. With failure in many ways to keep Apple's designs and other features hidden, Apple is unable to keep their enemies at a distance, allowing them time to counter Apple offensives. Thus, for Apple, a solid and reliable Samsung Insider would be valuable.
straight to netflix
My guess is Google will lose control of Android to Samsung. It don't see any other Android company able to innovate with Android like Samsung. What will this mean for Android as a whole?  Samsung might simply permanently branch Android off into their own OS, give a different name perhaps, with Google's Android withering away along with Windows 8. 
They have never missed a quarter. They have missed the analyst's estimates, not their own guidances.
I didn't forget Jon Ive. I had hopes for him but he hasn't appeared as spokesman -- and I was expecting him to when he was promoted to upper management. And the few times I've watched him speak, he is the quiet, thoughtful guy, perhaps charming, but decidedly not a salesman.    Now, at upper management, they still have to bring in a retail guy. Can they bring somebody in to run retail and ooze enthusiasm, joy, excitement, knows retail, sees the market as it can be?
True, but Apple's success was based on hype that was substantive. Jobs hyped Apple's great products, and pushed Apple to create products that he could hype.    Hype is not a negative when there is substance behind it. 
Apple absolutely has a problem. That is, Tim Cook is a finance guy. Apple's big idea guy, the direction guy, the driver, the marketer, the energy guy is dead. Great products need great salesmen and Cook is simply not that guy. Great ideas don't sell themselves. They have nobody at this time who can light up a room as soon as they come through the door. That is what they need. There is no one on Apple's team that is pushing Apple and setting direction. The biggest failure...
The carriers won't care. The carriers still charge us the same amount or more for using their network regardless of whether they are subsidizing a new phone under a contract or not. These are monopolies. Yes, they are building out the infrastructure but they are making tremendous and obscene profits (profits are all the money they get for mansions, after they put the relatively piddling amount towards infrastructure upgrades).
New Posts  All Forums: