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Too bad. 5 years ago, RIM stock was sitting at about $140. Today, $7.80+. What were they thinking? I remember in 2007 Steve Jobs low-balling how many iPhones they would sell -- he was "hoping" for 10M, he said. I'm sure he didn't really know how revolutionary the iPhone would be, though I'm sure he was lying. But my guess is RIM believed his 10M figure and simply ignored the evidence as it developed. Apple may have started out as a low-grade infection of RIM's corporate...
Never have had the problems with Mac or OSX that you claim to be having. I switched to Mac from Windows 12 years ago, and have been happy every since. What did you do to the software or hardware? Are you running virus protection software, which I often suspect is causing more problems than it solves? 
The key to whether the iPad or PC laptops will win out for most is convenience and functionality. Chipsets and all are critical -- for the hardware and software designers. For user it is functionality and convenience. My bets are on the iPad (and other tablets like perhaps the MS Surface). They will become more capable and more functional. More apps and more functional apps will be written and purchased. Laptops will be squeezed; they will need to do things that the iPad...
Nokia's Elop was a Trojan Horse, sent by MS to destroy Nokia as an independent company and allow MS to buy Nokia's smartphone and patents in a fire sale. I don't know if the Nokia board was in on this, but they are either incompetent or criminal negligent for failing to protect Nokia. 
MS is never too late if they focus on Office and the Enterprise with their virtual monopoly of Windows OS. All they need to be is reasonably good, then change the game by creating new connectivity and sharing protocols. They need only convince corporate purchasers and corporate IT managers that you can't go wrong buying Microsft.The best Apple and others can do is be enterprise compatible; Microsoft defines the enterprise.
Mistake. MS offering too many devices and not coordinated with an OS, And not available now, and not in stores, no price mentioned. Poorly done annoincement. Might be an interesting product.
Okay. Duh! But, I got what he meant, rather than what he said.
Jaw drop!!! What is wrong with Bill Gates' comments on factoring large prime numbers?  That is a big problem and it would be a huge advance in mathematics to do so, but of course, at the cost of emasculating security using cryptology. DRM would not work, but neither would HTTPS, FTPS, WIFI security, digital signatures, RSA public key cryptography, etc. What am I missing?
Too bad for Nokia. From a high in 2007 to nothing in 2012, suffering in 2010, they bring in Dr. Kevorkian clone from MS Stephen Elop, without telling the patient and staff, who proceeds to execute the well-respected process of bloodletting, laying off staff, selling their IP, terminating their own smartphone OS Symbian in favor of his old (really current employer?) Windows smartphone OS Windows 7, to be followed by selling to MS the Nokia smartphone unit, so rumors have...
MS problems stem in part on needing to support windows legacy hardware and software. Windows RT may give them a way out if they built RT from scratch, removed legacy code, built Office from scratch (which I expect they had to do to run on and iPad). KISS is something Apple has done, much to our consternation at times. Like iMovie and Final Cut, and stripping out hardware (keyboards, DVDs, hard drives, Ethernet connectors, BluRay, user replaceable xxx). KISS, and exquisite...
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