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For sales to approach 10m, Apple and their suppliers have to build that many high quality products. Are they capable of doing that. Quality is my main concern. Imagine the horror of putting high numbers up, but producing a relatively high percentage of faulty products. I always hold my breath on this sole issue.
If this release has iOS 6 integration functions, then I would expect release to occur after ios 6 release and tests by beta users. So I would say release is not imminent; give it two weeks or a hair less.
And some people argue that Americans are not really as dumb as the tests of educational achievement shows, nor is there any good reason to ship jobs overseas because the workforce is too dumb to do the jobs required.   Just read the crap comments on this site and other sites and you begin to realize that the vast majority of Americans truly are inferior to rest of the world. 
$168 is marginal cost. Doesn't include investment and other development costs.
Not Universal. Only the 1428 model works on AT&T's network. The 1429 model supports CDMA and GSM outside of the US/Canada. Disappointing. Is the problem technical or legal/political/contractual? The bands covered for GSM are different between 1428 and 1429.   I was hoping for real universality.
I simply don't follow why iPhone 5 would impact PC sales. Different market, different set of buyers, different functionality. From recent reports, some super iPad could certainly alter PC buying habits, but not an iPhone 5.
The issue is other LTE phones that are being offered by other phone makers. Is it wrong to assume that other device makers are making use of Samsung's LTE IP? I would suspect so. Then Samsung must have licensed their patents to these of device makers at reasonable prices. My naive and uninformed guess is that, since Apple is using LTE chips from Qualcomm and they would have licensed the IP from Samsung, then Apple is legally entitled to use the chips. I do recall some...
Believable?  If true, we will likely see the results with very poor quality of the iPhone 5. "Forced" labor does not result in quality product.   If it is true, I would expect Apple to intervene. Whatever you believe about Apple's view of labor conditions, you can be sure the bottom line of quality will drive them to ensure no "forced" labor.
I well remember these same attacks on the iPad. One rejoinder to these attacks was wonderful."So is a swimming pool just a big bathtub?"
Apple is not suing on the differences but on the specific similarities that are protected by Apple's patents. What's so hard to understand? 
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