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Can I swim and shower with the watch? Otherwise, don't care. What problems are there that really need solving? 1) Earphones without these long wires that constantly are tangling up. 2) Earphones which I have to identify which is left and which is right -- it should just know! 3) phones that can act as a pager when I really need to take this call -- work or other emergency. 4) Before cell phones, when family called, we each had our own phone set with which we could listen...
You're right. Real men need the AR-15. 
Intel processors and not ARM? Really? Though I can see it now -- the Dick Tracy watch, or maybe the "Get Smart" watch.
Amazon website works because Amazon is an online warehouse/catalog. They aren't in the business of advertising their products, since they don't have any of their own products to sell, except the Kindle. Apple's site exists to sell their products only. However, the same "rich" interface exists for the sale of books, apps, music, which I think is a hindrance. No question, Apple needs to improve both.
The solution is really simple. Ban all assault weapons, and take away all such weapons from current owners. Trivial solution. Quick and easy. No down side.   Only someone who wants to not solve the problem would say the problem is hard.
I expect Apple might be making incremental upgrades to their iPad lines like they do the MBP and MBA lines. Small improvements will just bemade without fanfare. The bigger improvements will be preceded by larger PR campaigns.
I wasn't confused. It is an MS product, and created under Ballmer. Nothing confusing about that. 
  Ive is taking over MANAGEMENT of software design not designing the software. Neither did Jobs. Good taste is what a good designer brings to the table. Of course, I also suspect he personally didn't design the 3D either. Early on, yes, but he has been managing that design group and asking the questions, pushing, etc. I see no problem here.
I should have been more or less specific. Such contracts as between HTC and Apple likely fall into the area of trade secrets, of which NDAs are part. NDA's are likely less protected than other trade secrets since NDAs are often widely offered and not easily enforced. The specific patents that are being cross-licensed are, however trade secrets if the parties treated them as such. The cross-licensing agreement between HTC and Apple are irrelevant as to Samsung because HTC...
I see an interlocutory appeal coming from Apple. This clearly violates typical NDAs which every company requires of its employees and contractees. Koh has just made all NDA details discoverable by any litigant.
New Posts  All Forums: