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But the responsiveness of the 5S is noticeably better than the 5. Add in the increased functionality of touchID. 
Okay. Purchase for $3.2 Million is okay; billion idiotic. A buy in the billions, means Apple would no longer by worth $10/share before the split, not because it will kill Apple, but because it would be obvious that Apple would be controlled by imbeciles.
The new iPad Pro. That is what she must be holding. Apple changed the logo orientation. And given the size, this must be a very light iPad. And/or it's Apple's response to the Surface.
Apple seems to have been deliberate in their legal suits. It could be, and hope, that the suits are proceeding according to plan and getting their ducks in line to go after Google and Schmidt in the future.
My guess is Apple may have to tweak its devices to respond to competitors. It's seen some watches, some health monitoring, so they're likely good there. Responding to the Amazon phone with 3D capability may take some time.
Damages is calculated on how a measure of how much Apple has lost. The defendant's profit or loss is irrelevant.
I agree. Big Bang Theory did a great ribbing on that name a few years ago, as you could imagine. 
Why is this fascinating? If your cash, used for productive purposes, is making you 10% profit, why would you not borrow money at an interest rate of 1%?  A 9% spread is pretty good, and I would expect the spread for Apple is much better. Also, there is a liquidity case to be made and a privacy case to be made. With liquidity, you can pull the trigger on a purchase whenever your want, without having to negotiate with a bank first. Second, you can buy with cash without...
I plead complete ignorance. Okay, Apple issues $12B in bonds, yet the article says, in response by midday Tuesday, there was $40B in orders. Explain this to me.
Frankly, it is more likely iOS will see more and better competition from Microsoft in the coming years. And, Samsung will be moving away from Android and to their own Tizen, where they can have vertical control. Where will Amazon be?   A lot of Apple haters are now looking to Amazon, hoping it will destroy Apple. Never know. If the US government decides to again support the Amazon monopoly like they did regarding ebooks, then Apple may have problems. 
New Posts  All Forums: