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The issue is not the temperature of the ambient air but the temperature of the heat generating components. The first step is using heat sinks to quickly keep the component temperatures low. This requires strong and solid heat sink connections to the temperature generating components. The next step is to cool the heat sinks. Air or liquid or both might be used to lower the heat sink temperatures. Certainly the components themselves could remain far cooler than the ambient air.
It's going to be an interesting couple of years. Moving the iOS platform to 64-bits and increasing its processing power does tell me that iOS will inevitably be moving into desktop and laptop range. Availability of useful software will drive the market. Dependency on software, written for iOS and not available on laptops, will obsolete the PC.But that also depends on how well PC makers execute their all-in-one strategy. Will devices like the Surface succeed? In what...
Investors don't care about Apple and their products. They care about their dividends and how much they can make on speculating on Apple's stock price. Steve Jobs at least publicly, didn't care about appeasing investors -- that was not his focus. Tim Cook unfortunately did not continue that Apple tradition. I think it was a mistake.
I seem to recall TV shows (comedies I presume) where the regulars talked into their rings, tie clasps, lapels, and of course, their ubiquitous shoes. Silly becomes the future.
I would like to Apple able to bypass credit card companies entirely. Square is having difficulty, so reported today, since they have to make a profit and pay credit card fees above that.
I don't see Apple as a luxury brand. More expensive (upfront) than some competition, but not luxury.   Even then, the cost Apple charges at least for the iPhone is only a part of the cost of using the device. The iPhone cost needs to be compared to the expense of monthly phone charges.    In the past, there have been several comparisons between the upfront cost of out-of-the-box Apple products, with few configuration choices, versus the cost of competitor devices with...
Rockstar would be a patent troll if the patents they bought had no value to the businesses themselves except as used in litigation. However, the Nortel patents have technical value to the likes of Apple, MS, and Google. New inventions extending these patent ideas can be made without concern for the need to license or the need to invent around the patents, to avoid infringement. Trolls don't care about these issues.
Well, this disclosure of lying to their investors about the success of their product line is guaranteed to get them a bevy of investor lawsuits. Whether the information presented here argues against their estimate of damages, really depends on how those damages have been measured. But, I don't see that happening. Apple is arguing that but for Samsung's patent infringement, Samsung's sales today would have been far lower, and that difference constitutes part of Apple's...
There is a problem in Ciderland. Management and staff need to work with their personalities and ensure that all persons understand and control their inner assholes. Sometimes Smarts are difficult to work with, but if they have important assets to contribute, you'd better figure out how to do it. 
They are giving less money to Apple -- its free. If you already have purchased the subscription model for your PC, or for work as an employee, or as university or college student/faculty/staff that has paid for an enterprise-wide license, then the iPad version will cost you nothing, and Apple will get nothing. 
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