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I don't what to make of Android. Seems that Google has lost control of Android. It's Samsung's baby at this point. Oracle, who owns Java, has won a seemingly important decision against Google for not licensing Java. Google seems to be moving to Chrome OS.    Android is less a product and more a marketing label. The variations among devices running Android seems quite functionally vast as are the versions and configurations of Android running on them. If one were to...
The time for bbry has runout. They are operating solely on debt now. They will have to sell assets to keep whatever they keep in existence. What they have left is a certain loyal segment and some ip.
Did I miss something? Validity? Are the measurements accurate? Are the results accurate? These questions, of course, apply equally to all such devices.
Installation bug? The 10.9.1 downloaded and then restarted then installed. Sounds good, right?! But, it downloaded, restarted and installed without administrator permission! I was logged in as a normal user. Normal users must not have the ability to install operating system software. When it restarted, it restarted as me--the regular user that had been logged in before. At no point did the process ask for the administrator login and password. Security breach!!!!!
Clear revolving door. No doubt she will be at least biased in favor of Google and anti-Apple patents, if not taking orders from Google directly. It is not as though Lee didn't spend 10 years with Google doing Google's bidding; that was her job. One's loyalty doesn't change merely because of a change in decor. Most agencies (federal and state) are captured by the industries which they are supposed to regulate. And when they aren't they get hell from the politicians, with...
So what is Apple being paid to vend these songs? I don't and won't use this service -- simply not interested -- but these prices to indies may add up over time.
I've looked over most of the offerings for the One Hour of Coding, and have been disappointed. I have not found any offerings which really gives a flavor of programming or the general principles involved. I'll agree that the attempt is laudable. Over a several years, I've thought about how to it might be addressed and what ARE the fundamental ideas which should be addressed (without success I might add). In some sense, from a personal vantage, I'm both gratified and...
The iPad doesn't need to be connected. Duh!
Discount? I'd pay at least $40/month more. 
Not surprising. Even rocket scientists cannot use the newest technologies. The Curiosity Rover's computer uses a (hardened) PowerPC chip, far less powerful than those in the newest phones. This is generally true of all satellites launched. These systems are in design 20 years before launch and are paced through years of certification and testing.    The fact that it would take years to certify and harden devices the President and other high ranking officials use is not...
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