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Rate data without absolute sale data is worthless.
I would consider this unlikely, but today, wishing my iPad was the size of a pad of paper (8 1/2 x 11), I may have to reconsider. An iPad that size and the same weight of a pad of paper might be useful. 
Pilfering cooper wiring and pipes late in the evening. Clearly, he doesn't have to get up early in the morning to go to work! Probably independently wealthy.
I see the results from the PrimeSense purchasing coming to Apple's iDevices pretty soon.
Since, at least for the Surface, you have to buy a keyboard separately, there is no difference between buying an iPad separately, and adding a keyboard later. The big difference between the iPad Keyboard and Windows 8 Keyboard is that the iPad works great without a keyboard, and may work even better for some tasks with a keyboard, whereas Windows 8 Keyboard is mediocre without and with keyboard.
Big question for the industry is will Apple continue to support current customers of PrimeSense? Will they expand in these areas? Will these companies, many in the health care field be abandoned?    Will PrimeSense continue to exist as a wholly owned subsidiary? 
The purpose behind the numbers being pushed is to create a market which doesn't yet exist. Most people want to go with the herd as consumers, and most developers do also. Where the herd is is where you can be confident that you're not making a mistake. As has been noted in the restaurant business, if you want to know which restaurant to eat at, look for the restaurant with long lines. Apple certainly gets the benefit of long lines -- you don't think long lines at an Apple...
I tell you what my solution is likely to be -- pricey and risky. Buy a Mac Pro when it comes out in December and use the old iMac as dumb screen.
What is a 12.9 inch iPad going to be better than? 
One of your best, DED!
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