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24 or 36 months is still measured in months.
Means dividends will rise, share price will increase, value of Apple will increase with no increase in productivity. Apple is simply unable to figure out what to do with the cash it earns. It probably should be buying up content providers, broadcasters, tv manufacturers.
If true, this will be OS X/iOS running under ARM with touch support. The merger has to happen.
Google's core is tracking users and advertising and perhaps as NSA contractor. Everything else is skunkworks. Another view of Google is a for-profit and poorly run copy of Apache Inc.
If your product's success depends on the name you happen to give the product, you don't have a product.
I don't think Apple went thermonuclear on Samsung. Apple was doing what Apple does; nothing they have done in bringing products to market strikes me as focused on going after Samsung. Samsung's business model, tied as it is to Google, isn't effective by comparison. Apple's pricing has always been on the high end, and their market share on the low end. In order to charge higher prices and make higher profits Apple makes products that must be perceived as of higher...
That's Apple too. They have 800M credit cards in their "cloud". ApplePay only protects CC transactions at the point of transaction. Only hacking per transaction is protected. ApplePay doesn't do anything to protect against hacking of the cloud databases which hold CC and other information. 
Apple has some work cut out for themselves to make ApplePay work. Only a handful of banks support ApplePay now. The ability to use ApplePay everywhere will require all banks to get on board. None of the banks I have credit or debit cards with are accepted.    MCX might actually beat Apple in the marketplace because they don't need banks to get on board. Even though MCX and the companies that support it want to avoid CC fees, they certainly don't have to. They seem to be...
Color me ignorant, but until ApplePay, I didn't know MCX and their project existed. Maybe I'm not alone in this. Could it be that professional hackers were also not aware? If that is the case, then once MCX became known, the hackers went about their business of breaking into their systems. That went well!
Well, GTAT only manufactured the furnaces but had never run the business side of manufacturing the sapphire itself. It may be a case of both companies not understanding what it would take to build a new business from scratch. I think Apple's view is they want to use GTAT furnaces. I may be that GTAT need improvements to satisfy Apple -- and they couldn't both run the furnace manufacturing part and the sapphire production side. Somebody is going to have to run the...
New Posts  All Forums: