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Materials science is a big deal. Recently I was at a lecture where the researcher was discussing the life cycle of new materials. The labs at universities do the basic research, where funding is tight but where all new knowledge starts, then it takes another twenty years of work and invention to make the materials available for general use. The need for new materials is increasing because the problems that need to solved require it. The goal of the scientific and...
Apples competitor is Roku, not Google, in this area along with netflix. And never forget that all are up against the numerous suits who run the content providers. That is everybody's problem.
Perhaps Apple takes the idea of charity seriously. Is an action charitable if you do things which benefits you? There is an old quote which I heard many decades ago and goes something like: "One whose morality follows their self interest has no morality." Me thinks that something like that applies to charity.
Apple needs to do something to stop Amazon. Through government stupidity or collusion, Amazon is given a blank check to maintain its monopoly over books, ebooks in particular, and more and more over other products. Music and movies are still competitive. Amazon can certainly afford to push, these products, though they may not prove to be at the level of quality of Apple. They may eventually get it right.
Apple will never switch from the X86. But, unless Intel can keep up with the innovation that Apple expects, Apple will build their own.
You're making something of nothing with your advice. Apple has not been in the health care business, so it makes sense to go directly to the agency to determine the process and criteria. FDA staff certainly advises companies on rules and regs and prior decisions, but staff only make recommendations, they are not the deciders. Aside from political pressure and agency capture by just those companies they are supposed to regulate (not a rare occurrence), such discussions...
The iwatch has to work under water. I never take my watch off. Shower and swim daily. An old Timex, I replace the wristband every two years. The iwatch will have to be something special to get me to dump the Timex.
If Continuity is successful the bottom line results will be considerable. With Swift, the same code base will be used to write osx and iOS applications. More apps will become available to the Mac, more macs will be sold. Less likely will people use an iPhone and Windows. The tie in into the apple world will become a lot more sticky.
Key in this article is the shifting of ads in-house. Apple is giving up a lot of talent. But my guess is that Cook is demanding more and better secrecy. WWDC 14 proved that.
Yep. Healthkit and Homekit API will be good for developers. My guess is that Apple is writing apps to use their new API's and will be available at launch. An API cannot be designed in the abstract.; Apple must have already created apps to be sure they work.
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