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That's Apple too. They have 800M credit cards in their "cloud". ApplePay only protects CC transactions at the point of transaction. Only hacking per transaction is protected. ApplePay doesn't do anything to protect against hacking of the cloud databases which hold CC and other information. 
Apple has some work cut out for themselves to make ApplePay work. Only a handful of banks support ApplePay now. The ability to use ApplePay everywhere will require all banks to get on board. None of the banks I have credit or debit cards with are accepted.    MCX might actually beat Apple in the marketplace because they don't need banks to get on board. Even though MCX and the companies that support it want to avoid CC fees, they certainly don't have to. They seem to be...
Color me ignorant, but until ApplePay, I didn't know MCX and their project existed. Maybe I'm not alone in this. Could it be that professional hackers were also not aware? If that is the case, then once MCX became known, the hackers went about their business of breaking into their systems. That went well!
Well, GTAT only manufactured the furnaces but had never run the business side of manufacturing the sapphire itself. It may be a case of both companies not understanding what it would take to build a new business from scratch. I think Apple's view is they want to use GTAT furnaces. I may be that GTAT need improvements to satisfy Apple -- and they couldn't both run the furnace manufacturing part and the sapphire production side. Somebody is going to have to run the...
I haven't had a failure yet on my 17" MBP Early 2011. Knock on wood. This class action won't have a direct effect on me since I don't live in either California or Florida. The suit is what needs to happen. Flawed hardware might have been AMD's failure but Apple has responsibility to its customers and AMD has a responsibility to Apple.
There is Federal law which requires CC to deal with fraudulent use. When the merchants become liable, in theory, I don't know if the Federal law applies to them, or how it applies. Fraud costs are costs of doing business to banks, which is the reason we are 30 years behind europe in stopping fraud. The last thing Walmart will accept is responsibility for compensating customers for breach. At this point, because of Federal law, there is an easy system for disputing...
This will pressure Apple to develop an API for ApplePay. I'm sure it is coming, but it's development priority will need to be raised. At this point, ApplePay only allows customers to receive usage points by the CC companies. Apps like Belly and Levelup give customers benefits based on the store. ApplePay is secure, an absolute requirement. MCX is deadly unsecure and absolutely invasive as requiring ban account access. That should be the end of the story.
Taking pictures with an iPad is makes a lot of sense. Sitting in meetings taking notes with Pages on the iPad, or at conferences, what could be more convenient than taking a quick picture of some part of the presentation which then gets immediately included in Pages document? I've done this on many an occasion. 
Apple is failing the basic KISS principle -- differentiating between NFC on the iPad and on the iPhone. That means Apple has to keep code bases different on these devices. It also means, if say, access to my iPhone is not convenient and say I've been using my iPad in the store for reading up on the products, and I have it in my hand, I cannot just swipe the iPad. I might as well use the credit card rather than have to dig out my iPhone. Or, as in my case, I cannot get an...
Isaacson's Job biography was rushed and unpolished. For the movie to be worth watching or making, I would hope that more would be flushed out.
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