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Thanks for the information on how this was done. Yep, everything is easy looking until one realizes that that's why professionals are professionals. They make the hard stuff look easy.
With a fixed focal length camera, small lense, it is not realistic to expect or demand a camera quality to compete with DSLR cameras. I would like much higher quality, but physics simply won't allow it. If I need the quality and control, I simply must bow to buying and using prosumer level cameras.
It doesn't matter. Until relatively recently, the idea of buying an Apple was considered a stupid move. Dell was the default on the campuses I'm familiar with. What happens during orientation when mom and dad accompany their freshman to campus. "I need a computer!" They go to the campus store, and mom and dad see Apple computers for the first time. The staff can talk to them, demonstrate the Apple, let them touch it. Be told, "Sure you can run Windows programs. Bootcamp...
Very short sighted on the part of Apple. Apple technology in campus stores has made Apple computers the default for students and faculty. Dell, the previous darling on campuses, has not had campus sales for quite some time. Apple is clearly being run with only immediate profits the driving force. If Apple continues this trend, it is dead, and there won't be another Steve Jobs coming along to save their asses.
I'm getting the feeling that Apple is losing its understanding of the market. It certainly can be that the loss of Jobs is the reason. Perhaps Jobs was the key person at Apple that could see outside the Apple corporate culture to understand what customers would want and pay for without needing focus groups. The very limited 5c now being offered and the reissued but brain-dead iPad 4 says they are missing the mark.
They should sell the 5c cheap with 16GB. I won't put a damper on the 5S market at all. Those buying the 5S have the money and they are willing to spend it for the additional functionality. Its the difference between a regular version and a pro version of products. Keep it simple.
Jobs did crack it. It was a no-go for an HDTV.
Apple might be smart to make the 5c their phone for the emerging markets, dropping the 4s.
No chance the Apple TV will contain a camera unless it is part of motion detection for remote control of the Apple TV and thereby the TV itself. But, it might be likely that Apple will come up with individual remote cameras that will feed into the Apple TV as a consolidator.
Who makes this stuff up? Really. Like watching Between Two Ferns except people believe it.
New Posts  All Forums: