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Key in this article is the shifting of ads in-house. Apple is giving up a lot of talent. But my guess is that Cook is demanding more and better secrecy. WWDC 14 proved that.
Yep. Healthkit and Homekit API will be good for developers. My guess is that Apple is writing apps to use their new API's and will be available at launch. An API cannot be designed in the abstract.; Apple must have already created apps to be sure they work.
Multiple screens displayed as tabs would be a reasonable compromise. As would a whole slough of iBook improvements. Apple has really let iBooks lie fallow. The kindle app beats iBooks handily now.
One would hope. I was surprised that the iPad Air and the mini did not have Touch ID. From my view apple is a year late on this tech no brainer.
No devices to speak of, technology at this point in beginning stages, just the beginning of research on portable medical devices and monitoring.
Intel is messing with Apple, and likely other companies. Apple might be in better position than some because they are not dependent on Intel for iOS devices.
Sounds like you have a ethnocentric view of what music is. Yes, "white" music is based on European traditions, where all the evolution and efforts have been to create melody lines within a narrow range of tones. African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Pacific Islands have different traditions and have evolved incredible beauty and complexity within their musical traditions that cannot even be understood by the Western ear. The percussive lines within the African traditions,...
I cannot see Beats being worth $3.2B. My guess is there will be no lump sum buyout or that that number is a figment of analysts' always fertile (and wrong) imaginations.    What could possibly be the reason for any purchase? I would have to guess is that Apple is not being successful in negotiations with content providers. Steve Jobs had some initial success but his take on the intelligence and business acumen of the entertainment industry, which he openly discussed, was...
My MBP 17" has not seen a problem that I can point to yet. It does seem to slow down substantially for no apparent reason -- without the CPU, network, disk, or memory stats showing even moderate use. Because it is a 17" model, and I need that size, I cannot simply write it off and buy a replacement machine from Apple.
Any scanner is likely better than taking a picture with the iPhone. But, using the iPhone is both convenient, and mostly good enough. I have done this on many an occasion when reviewing court files which cannot be removed and not worth the 25 cents/page copying charges.
New Posts  All Forums: