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What is a 12.9 inch iPad going to be better than? 
One of your best, DED!
Interesting article. It does suggest that S&P fudges their index to make S&P look good to investors.
The purpose of damages is to make the victim monetarily whole. Thus, Samsung's profits are not relevant. Apple will argue profits, loss of customers. What might be interesting to compare is Samsung's profit (paid by Apple) to build Apple phone components, and Samsung's profits from building their own patent-infringing devices. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung made less money stealing from Apple than they would have made building the iPhones that Apple would have sold but...
Samsung's attorney has to admit patent infringement. Not surprising, since they lost on the judgment side, and Samsung cannot argue otherwise. On appeal, Samsung will argue patent law again, but this is not an appellate argument. Now is the trial on damages.
No. The word "more" and its placement is the problem. Up 200% more means 3 times the original; up 200% does not mean 3x more. Same for 100%. Three (3) times more is 400% of the original amount. 
Maybe the worth of BBRY is higher now? Given the Snowden leaks of NSA spying, there is a market for phones that can't be hacked NSA. There was an article, late 2010, in which a number of countries were forbidding BBRY from selling their phones because their countries couldn't hack into their communications. Sounds like BBRY now could be worth a lot more than current asking price. Perhaps Merkel and Hollande would find BBRY important from Germany's and France's own security.
I think you are incorrect. The salary of programmers updating iOS 7 for example will be incurred at a later time and that will be used to offset the deferred revenue. Logically and legally, there needs to be a matchup. 
Wearable devices becoming the next consumer battleground? No chance. Google and Samsung are responding to rumor sites that Apple was preparing something or other, or to some guys who read too many comic books as a kid (and still does). No, there is no market for wearables, generally. PS: Apples iWatch -- it's their new TV.
New Posts  All Forums: