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This is all programmed trading. It does seem that Apple stocks always tanks after they report their earnings. Why, don't know. But, if I were programming a auto-trading application, I'd take my profits in Apple, as the stocks decrease (since I know they will), then buy them back later for less than I sold them for.
I'd certainly be interested in the specifics of this alleged "anti-poaching" agreement. The details matter. I don't know what the law is in this regard, but a couple of scenarios separate for me an agreement which probably should be legal and one which should be questionable.   First, if the agreement is that one company shall not solicit specific employees of another company, then I don't find that a problem.   However, if the agreement is if an employee takes the...
That would explain the problem I'm having with one app. This app displays a list of items with checkboxes along the outer left edge. Often, and repeatedly, I try to check the boxes and the app instead responds by bringing up information on the item instead.    As far as keyboard accuracy, I've always had problems with 'M' regardless of phone or iPad. When I want to hit the space bar, m appears instead. Something like "I'mmcomingmhomemformdinnermamlittlemlate."
A Mac-Mini might start to take off now. No screen is necessary, since with Mavericks and an Apple TV, you can use your TV as the screen. I expect an upgrade of both Mac Mini and Apple TV in the near future, but purchasing even the mac mini as a home server now is looking more interesting.
 Given that the A7 has on-chip storage for finger printing, I see no good reason for not having Touch ID on both the new iPads . In fact, my view is this was a serious mistake. So, delay delivery until December. Perhaps the reason is Apple was caught off guard with the popularity of the 5s, and significantly overestimated the popularity of the slightly improved 5c. That is my guess. What this sale skew caused was failure of Apple to ramp up production of the Home button...
There are two iOS 7 app problems which have yet to be fixed. Both iBook and Kindle apps lag in handling an open book. That is, I have the app running with a book open, then switch to a different app, then come back to either iBook or Kindle. Both hang temporarily, the screen blanks, a spinner appears, then the current book page. Because both apps do this, I expect it is an iOS problem. I haven't seen a problem with the Nook app. The second app that is having problems is...
Not related to Angela Ahrendts, my butt.
Apple may have some difficulty determining why the 5c has not sold as well as expected. The plastic, the price, the marketing that it was just a 5 with color (it's not). I do think that the 5c may have contributed to the 5s success, assuming the numbers are good. It was the contrast between the two that spurred sales of the 5s, it can be argued. But that is speculation at this point. Is it possible to decide?
Did listen to some of her speeches on YouTube. Not impressive. I doubt she will be making any presentations at Apple events. My impression of her presentations is she edited herself out of them. Over analyzed, over edited, they don't flow. In that sense, they are neither passionate nor honest.
New Posts  All Forums: