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Me too. Took 2 hours to recover from backup at least. Quite a bummer.The failure also had the side effect of losing my alarm to music settings. I have set three alarms, each to a different song. When I had to restore from backup, the restore fails to restore that association. It's a bug which Apple has failed to fix.
I'm not so sure about Google being innovative. Certainly they have made their money, and continue to do so on advertising embedded in search, maps most definitely, and high speed internet backbones in major cities (so they can easily scrape user content as it goes through their network infrastructure). But, in many ways, they remind me of Xerox, who did not and could not productize the ideas of their skunkworks group PARC, leaving the ideas to Apple and others to deliver on. 
This might encourage support being offered by others. Not a bad thing. It's likely that many users search the web with questions before talking to Apple, so Apple for many is a last resort. That said, Apple has received much praise for being a customer friendly company. One thing might have been this free chat for support. If so, one should expect Apple to take a hit on its customer friendly rating.
Been living under a rock. Republicrats are very good, and the people are easily persuaded, that the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. John Kerry, as war hero, was made to look like a lier, while a draft dodger, Bush, was made to look like a hero. Maybe you and others like you will finally stop the crap. So I've included in full, the statement sent by the two main and acknowledged contributors to the Internet, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf on this matter. I'm doubtful...
The writing of "flaw" is certainly the correct way to express it. Of course, testing and debugging requires that such feature be designed into iOS, as it does in every OS. The tricky part will always be how to prevent its access generally.
With a camera on your wrist, the world is about to see selfies most of us would rather not see. Given the parts of our anatomies our hands (and wrists) migrate to and from regularly (depending on how regular you are), we're going to see selfies only urologists and proctologists would love.
I case someone else doesn't respond to your limited knowledge, you don't know what you don't know. The $12B is stock transfer has not been described, and it would not surprise me if the stock transaction has some restrictions -- such restrictions are typical. The real value at this time is not known.
Sounds like you buy into Wall Street religion. Wall Street long ago abandoned the valuation of stock based on fundamentals for technical trading and the "psychology" of the market.
Though not in the list of tech specs, if I recall, there is an altitude limit of about 10000 ft.
Is the RFC process dead? Shouldn't the industry, through the RFC process deal with this problem?
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