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Yes. It's the same identical parts with the exception of all the parts that are different and have been upgraded.
They are going down the tubes because they bought into Thatcherism and austerity at a time of financial collapse -- the Republican ideal to liquidate productivity in favor of passive investors who make money but nothing else. Their economies are running on smoke, having taken out Greece, Spain at least. 
Carney's argument is without merit. There is no need for a backdoor. The user has the information and can get at it. The solution is simple. Get a court order to require the user to divulge the relevant contents of his communication. That is, the FBI needs to have probable cause so get access.
GTAT got mugged by their top management, not Apple. 
Puppet? A lot of intelligence went into that comment, right?  Well, we may see Apple as a creditor in possession as a result of this filing, at least as to the new plant and equipment. Apple is not a vulture investor of GTAT, so we may see Apple solving the production problems GTAT was having. Good for both companies. But, it would have been better if this had not occurred. Behind this all, for those of us not knowledgeable on the technology, there is this concern that...
How does splitting the company up allow focus? All this means is upper management spent all their time screwing and milking each division instead of allowing those who understood each division to do the work to make each division successful. And, Whitman's spreadsheet got too big. 
Okay. Now that you've claimed others don't know what they are talking about, how about enlightening us.
Attempt by GT to renegotiate their contract with Apple?
Isaacson's biography was rushed and poorly written and incomplete. Actually his biography of Einstein was flat also. In both cases he listed the facts but failed to breathe life into the characters.
So, with all due respect, maybe you conveniently forgot that the video is available online and has been since 24 hours after the live presentation.
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