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When anyone makes a statement, they need to back it up with evidence. Is there any evidence either way regarding the profitability of the Apple TV? I have not seen any. The CEO of ROKU would know what their comparable costs are, especially for the Roku 3. Is he saying Roku is losing money on their device? That is likely. But Roku does not have the supply chain nor bargaining power of Apple. Apple will likely introduce a new Apple TV this year with more functionality than...
Doesn't the in-app purchase to edit give Apple 30%? That's what I see for the iPad version? There are three application from MS. I would expect one would have to pay the $99.99 for only one application, and the license would apply to the other two. Right?
Seems like Office 365 is free for home use. For business use, it'll cost.
What would they do with him staying? I suppose they could sabotage his work at Apple by forcing him to attend BBRY meetings where confidential trade secret ideas are discussed so that his NDA would forbid him from working on similar projects at Apple. An interesting idea -- make your employees worthless to outside companies.
Three *cameras* would be even better -- one for each color. Having CCDs/CMOSs for each color would enhance quality.
I'm in favor of the prices for e-books increasing as necessary. Monopolies are bad, and what has been happening is that big and biggers are able to create production monopolies by artificially lowering prices which destroy the ability for competition to be built. You keep forgetting that there are a significant lack of jobs in the US. Lowering prices, lowering wages, no jobs means we are in a death spiral, and this is caused primarily by big and biggers pricing competitors...
Thanks for the information on how this was done. Yep, everything is easy looking until one realizes that that's why professionals are professionals. They make the hard stuff look easy.
With a fixed focal length camera, small lense, it is not realistic to expect or demand a camera quality to compete with DSLR cameras. I would like much higher quality, but physics simply won't allow it. If I need the quality and control, I simply must bow to buying and using prosumer level cameras.
It doesn't matter. Until relatively recently, the idea of buying an Apple was considered a stupid move. Dell was the default on the campuses I'm familiar with. What happens during orientation when mom and dad accompany their freshman to campus. "I need a computer!" They go to the campus store, and mom and dad see Apple computers for the first time. The staff can talk to them, demonstrate the Apple, let them touch it. Be told, "Sure you can run Windows programs. Bootcamp...
Very short sighted on the part of Apple. Apple technology in campus stores has made Apple computers the default for students and faculty. Dell, the previous darling on campuses, has not had campus sales for quite some time. Apple is clearly being run with only immediate profits the driving force. If Apple continues this trend, it is dead, and there won't be another Steve Jobs coming along to save their asses.
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