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Apple is failing the basic KISS principle -- differentiating between NFC on the iPad and on the iPhone. That means Apple has to keep code bases different on these devices. It also means, if say, access to my iPhone is not convenient and say I've been using my iPad in the store for reading up on the products, and I have it in my hand, I cannot just swipe the iPad. I might as well use the credit card rather than have to dig out my iPhone. Or, as in my case, I cannot get an...
Isaacson's Job biography was rushed and unpolished. For the movie to be worth watching or making, I would hope that more would be flushed out.
Worried about China when the the US has 10s of thousands government and private firms working with NSA to access everything? I'm not worried about China.
What's wrong with evolutionary change or, say, evolutionary improvements? I still use iPad version 4, and though the iPad Air was not a evolutionary product worth buying for me, the iPad Air 2 with A8X, far lighter, and TouchID, makes it a new species by comparison. Actually, I'm wondering about the rumored evolution to the 12" iPad, supposedly delayed until the iPhone 6 models get in demand and supply balance.
It's probably less than the Washington politicians paid for hookers. 
GTAT did not get screwed. The CEO and other management made out like bandits (apt), and cashed out for big gains. AZ workers got the shaft while their bosses killed it. My bets are Apple had other suppliers besides GTAT in their sites when they chose GTAT. With GTAT dead, the alternatives will line up. Behind the scenes, Apple might be able to argue, and likely rightfully, that they have no choice but to outsource to China since the Chinese know how to get things done. My...
Yes. It's the same identical parts with the exception of all the parts that are different and have been upgraded.
They are going down the tubes because they bought into Thatcherism and austerity at a time of financial collapse -- the Republican ideal to liquidate productivity in favor of passive investors who make money but nothing else. Their economies are running on smoke, having taken out Greece, Spain at least. 
Carney's argument is without merit. There is no need for a backdoor. The user has the information and can get at it. The solution is simple. Get a court order to require the user to divulge the relevant contents of his communication. That is, the FBI needs to have probable cause so get access.
GTAT got mugged by their top management, not Apple. 
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