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Short battery life can be compensated for by continuous recharging. Since any wearable device will be in continuous motion, and be worn by a warm body, heat and kinetic energy can be used. Add wireless charging via the NFC, one might be able minimize the problem.
I don't expect a payment system around the iPhone will have much impact generally, though Apple might make some money. There is a big security problem in the US regarding debit and credit cards, and an iPhone solution will not even be a blip. Sure many people carry smart phones and a transaction using an iPhone with TouchID might be useful, but as for having an impact on CC security -- nothing. The US is going to have to change how all transactions are handled. Unless...
Given the speculations of what Apple is going to present Sep 9, my guess is people are off the mark, or maybe there will be Oct, Nov, and Dec announcements also. Why? When Eddy Cue said this year that Apple has the most impressive pipeline he's seen in 25 years, I'm going to take him at his word. So far, speculations of new products coming in Sept and the rest of the year fall far short of Cue's statement. Maybe not September, but certainly this year, I'm expecting Apple...
I'd like a payment system that does not include MasterCard or Visa. That would be progress.
It could be BS. But, there is nothing specific about the iWatch being related, so technically it could Apple priming the pump on purpose, like Eddy Cue did this year.
A bigger iPad would certainly be useful. For reading, they are not ideal for either paperback sized books, nor textbooks. And for writing, they miss the mark for those taking notes on A4, and standard yellow notebooks or legal sized pads. We really are talking about screen resolution. Technology still has a ways to go to the paper notepads.
Seems like a serious problem
I recently gave in and purchased Quicken for windows which I run under VMWARE. Is it me, or virtualization, but even the windows product is crap. The ability to download financial transactions from my bank is problematic, especially the credit card transactions. The windows version does not handle automatic assignment of categories as well as the mac version. In addition, the behavior of modal and non-modal windows under vmware often doesn't know which window mouse...
Read the books by psychiatrist Kay Redfield Jamison. They can be purchased in iBooks. Use the suicide of Robin Williams to learn something rather than parading your ignorance as a badge of honor.   Ignorance of mental health issues which lead to substance abuse and suicide is not somebody's fault. William's clearly was not just having a couple of downer days. Manic Depression, which Williams likely had, can be controlled for most, but for some, the treatments do not work. 
It runs Windows 8. That is not a selling point.
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