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I'm sure Tim Cook is not a programmer, to tester, nor does he run the QA etc. But, there is going to be more than one employee in more than a little hot water here. Now, Apple has to supply a fix for iOS 6,7,8.0 users, but also iOS 8.0.1 users.  I think eventually, and the sooner the better Apple needs to allow reinstall older iOS releases. 
Clearly, Apple needs to pull the update ASAP. I started the update from my MBP and during the extract, unplugged the phone. Now, I wonder if iTunes will kill the process.
Both a very entertaining ads. I liked it that JF and JT were not shown and only their voices used. Both of them did a great job.
In Tim Cook's interview Charlie Rose within the last week, Cook reemphasized how impressed and important Beats subscription model was. If there is going to be a shuttering of the subscription service, it's in name only.
I would not be surprised if Apple and China had an agreement that China would use its authority to prevent Apple from offering the 6s in China while allowing Apple to claim China as a preferred country knowing full well that supply would be constrained. If demand had been weaker, then China would have opened the channel to Apple sooner. This way everybody wins.
Apple may not be able to decrypt, but that doesn't mean NSA cannot request the encrypted data, and work on decoding themselves. The key, if you will, is the strength of the encryption method. Are there backdoors, even unknown by Apple, which would allow decryption?
Cool system for everybody. In particular, law enforcement needs probable cause to get the information in the first place. Since NSA has had none for the most part, they never had Constitutional authority for any of it.
Samsung's commercial is interesting as it highlights it's own failure to be commercially successful, noting it was three years ahead of its time, and some criticisms it endured. The samsung commercial did not bash apple; it used apples entry into the big phone as validation for their own product category. We will see what Samsung has to offer to counter apples iPhone 6 plus.
Att has lousy internet access in my area. Their u-verse is slow. Charter may not be great, but it get 24mbps for less than 12mbps from Att. I'd have to pay $30 more/month to Att to get the same service I get on charter. Att is just light years behind delivering internet service, so you would have to expect they could not handle cell to wifi handoff.
AppleWatch is interesting but not for me. I wear a watch 24x7 including in the shower and swimming, which I do every day. And I never take it off. I'll wait until generation xxxx to consider.
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