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Saying "being grandfathered in" is accurate. There is no implication in using that term that says AT&T is required to do so. 
It isn't enough. Apple is succeeding though not selling the most because they maintain a very healthy sell through and define an industry dependent on Apple products. Staying afloat is not success. 
Haven't seen a problem with the iPhone5S yet. Must not be running apps which are not handled appropriately.
 Whether one emphasizes people with no money, they exist, and stating that 50% of all teens is simply a lie. Even without including low SES, the PJ survey is frankly BS. There is no way in hell this number makes any sense. Over 50% of 13-19 years olds have iDevices -- you've got to blowing smoke up your arss to buy this stat. 
Perhaps the quality of the Qualcomm 64-bit processor is such that it is a gimmick. Apple designed a 64-bit A7 that functioned to give increased performance, while Qualcomm's won't.
Not an accurate statement. Sample did not include all teens since lower SES did not seem included. Not enough money does put kids at a disadvantage (if one assumes there is an advantage to having these devices). In any case, the feeling of being disadvantaged is certainly real and damaging.
An iwatch will be just that. An easy to use, multifunction watch. Better be water proof since I swim and shower with the watch on. But the idea that it will be driven by biometric measurements is ridiculous. Unless you have sensors implanted in your body to which a iDevice is attached, there is nothing of any import that can be measured. Think of all the machinery attached to hospital patients, and frequent blood test monitoring, stress testing, etc. Unless more and...
Think of the bonus Ballmer is going to get by selling virtual Surface RT 2 systems to Delta.
 If the report shows Apple is not illegally or immorally avoiding paying US taxes (say different from Mitt Romney), then this is important information. Apple is not a tax dodger. 
What is the breakdown of iPad vs iPad mini sales? My sense is the mini will likely become the preferred. If I'm correct, Apple will have to design the new iPad to give the size, performance, and weight to make it more competitive with mini.
New Posts  All Forums: