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Somebody, clueless as usual, starts a rumor, it gets picked up by rumor websites, gets repeated, then WSJ, CNN gets wind of the rumor, repeats it, then the rumor websites cite the WSJ sources, repeat it again, suggesting that their original rumor has been confirmed as true. Can anyone say "echo chamber"?
*unlikely any IP*
Is Nest really that valuable a company? There is unlikely any IP value there. There are competitors that make similar devices that get no press. In the fall of 2011 I had to install a new furnace. Bought Lennox furnace/air conditioner which gave me the option of including smart features. The furnace itself monitors the furnace internals and components, feeds the information to a thermostat controller. Emergency conditions are sent via wifi to the local installer, I...
This is a big concern to me. I have an early 2011 17" MBP, and I have about 60 days left on Apple Care. I think the documentation of failures should indicate a systematic, rather than random, failure which Apple needs to take care, even after the warranty period has expired. It is especially important given the 17" is no longer being manufactured. There is no reasonable option for me and those similarly situated.
Of course, ask a bunch of questions about future sales involving ChinaMobile, knowing full well that neither Cook or Oppenheimer will answer them. All one needs to do is listen to their guidance for the next quarter, determine accuracy of Apple's guidance for the last quarter compared to the report, and assume Apple knows what their talking about. Now, that wasn't hard, was it.
Its good that Apple competitors are creating products based on Apple rumors. When and if Apple does release competitive products, Apple will have had the first crack at what their competitors think the customers want, and design around them, bring to market a likely better product. Apple will patent new features that the competitors don't have, and then we all get to watch Apple competitors ditch their own products to make Apple-look-alikes.
I never heard of either app, but it looks like their ideas were sufficiently innovative for Apple and others to emulate.
With the revelations of NSA planting spy software on iPhones, perhaps the iPhone OS should be referred to as IOS/NSA 7
Analysts can be found along the entire spectrum of views regarding companies. Basically they want your business and will tell the investors with the same disposition what they want to hear. Analysts jobs are simply to make money for themselves.
Almost 100% functional. About a month ago, however, touch ID stopped working entirely. Had to reboot the iPhone. The iPhone is never off, otherwise.
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