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Okay. Now that you've claimed others don't know what they are talking about, how about enlightening us.
Attempt by GT to renegotiate their contract with Apple?
Isaacson's biography was rushed and poorly written and incomplete. Actually his biography of Einstein was flat also. In both cases he listed the facts but failed to breathe life into the characters.
So, with all due respect, maybe you conveniently forgot that the video is available online and has been since 24 hours after the live presentation.
Yes. It will be named Windows OS X.
Only by accident would anyone but an idiot put even 30 lbs of force on any phone. As far as I'm concerned, even the HTC One handles the stress just fine. 
Yes. Because investors are speculators. They, or their computers, buy and sell stock based on making a quick buck, not investing in companies based on the long haul. Investors today make their money the old fashioned way: Rape and Pillage. 
Serious problem from the users' perspective. I wonder how many people were affected? But, the problem with the 8.0.1 was so obvious that I fail to understand how even the programmers much less the QA/QC staff could have missed it. That should be the story focused on from a technical and management side. And I find it interesting that the bugs affected only the iPhone 6's and not other iPhones, since TouchID and Cellular are common to iPhone 5s also. But, did it affect all...
I'm sure Tim Cook is not a programmer, to tester, nor does he run the QA etc. But, there is going to be more than one employee in more than a little hot water here. Now, Apple has to supply a fix for iOS 6,7,8.0 users, but also iOS 8.0.1 users.  I think eventually, and the sooner the better Apple needs to allow reinstall older iOS releases. 
Clearly, Apple needs to pull the update ASAP. I started the update from my MBP and during the extract, unplugged the phone. Now, I wonder if iTunes will kill the process.
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