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The fact that Apple has referenced the patent in question, says the claim, must mean that Apple is sure that their implementation is outside the scope of UW's patent. The case will then hinge on patent interpretation and how broadly the patent is read.
I'd love to be a juror in this case. I live in Madison, the seat of the Federal court in the western district, am a retired attorney and UW employee, CS educated, and Apple owner, both stocks and products. I would find it a great experience understanding patent interpretation. I studied IP law including patents but never patent language writing and interpretation -- a whole subspecialty. In particular, what would be interesting is learning the extent to which the court's...
It's the entire CC industry that is insecure. Europe went to secure chip CC system over 20 years ago. The banks and CC industry is too wedded to profits for investors and CEOs and government bailouts and bribes to have any interest in decreasing profits and this mansions to change. There is no solution out there for paypal and Apple unless they can bypass at least the CC industry. It doesn't matter if Apple has all these accounts; they're attached to CCs and are insecure...
The thermostat is just a wifi connected device. Nothing special there. It has no connection to the heating and air conditioning system, which is required to make such a device useful. The Nest thermostat has no long term future. Unless Google is aiming to control embedded hardware and software which appliance manufacturers will incorporate into their appliances, companies like Nest have a limited future.
Looks like Fadell is already bowing to his overlords.
Interesting and needed. The financial institutions are too incompetent to move to secure credit cards, like europe did decades ago. So, hopefully, Apple's solution will eliminate Visa, MasterCard and the whole lot of them, ending their expensive and useless monopoly.
I immediately thought of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Put it on and attain magical powers.
Somebody, clueless as usual, starts a rumor, it gets picked up by rumor websites, gets repeated, then WSJ, CNN gets wind of the rumor, repeats it, then the rumor websites cite the WSJ sources, repeat it again, suggesting that their original rumor has been confirmed as true. Can anyone say "echo chamber"?
*unlikely any IP*
Is Nest really that valuable a company? There is unlikely any IP value there. There are competitors that make similar devices that get no press. In the fall of 2011 I had to install a new furnace. Bought Lennox furnace/air conditioner which gave me the option of including smart features. The furnace itself monitors the furnace internals and components, feeds the information to a thermostat controller. Emergency conditions are sent via wifi to the local installer, I...
New Posts  All Forums: