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I'm getting the feeling that Apple is losing its understanding of the market. It certainly can be that the loss of Jobs is the reason. Perhaps Jobs was the key person at Apple that could see outside the Apple corporate culture to understand what customers would want and pay for without needing focus groups. The very limited 5c now being offered and the reissued but brain-dead iPad 4 says they are missing the mark.
They should sell the 5c cheap with 16GB. I won't put a damper on the 5S market at all. Those buying the 5S have the money and they are willing to spend it for the additional functionality. Its the difference between a regular version and a pro version of products. Keep it simple.
Jobs did crack it. It was a no-go for an HDTV.
Apple might be smart to make the 5c their phone for the emerging markets, dropping the 4s.
No chance the Apple TV will contain a camera unless it is part of motion detection for remote control of the Apple TV and thereby the TV itself. But, it might be likely that Apple will come up with individual remote cameras that will feed into the Apple TV as a consolidator.
Who makes this stuff up? Really. Like watching Between Two Ferns except people believe it.
Me too. Took 2 hours to recover from backup at least. Quite a bummer.The failure also had the side effect of losing my alarm to music settings. I have set three alarms, each to a different song. When I had to restore from backup, the restore fails to restore that association. It's a bug which Apple has failed to fix.
I'm not so sure about Google being innovative. Certainly they have made their money, and continue to do so on advertising embedded in search, maps most definitely, and high speed internet backbones in major cities (so they can easily scrape user content as it goes through their network infrastructure). But, in many ways, they remind me of Xerox, who did not and could not productize the ideas of their skunkworks group PARC, leaving the ideas to Apple and others to deliver on. 
This might encourage support being offered by others. Not a bad thing. It's likely that many users search the web with questions before talking to Apple, so Apple for many is a last resort. That said, Apple has received much praise for being a customer friendly company. One thing might have been this free chat for support. If so, one should expect Apple to take a hit on its customer friendly rating.
Been living under a rock. Republicrats are very good, and the people are easily persuaded, that the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. John Kerry, as war hero, was made to look like a lier, while a draft dodger, Bush, was made to look like a hero. Maybe you and others like you will finally stop the crap. So I've included in full, the statement sent by the two main and acknowledged contributors to the Internet, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf on this matter. I'm doubtful...
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