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They really need to appoint a manager for every country/reign of the world so that they can guarantee everything is correct. If they had such a manager reviewing the map of the UK it wouldn't take them long to realise that the mapping data is not ready yet. It's not just a few things either, it's about 40% wrong and is embarrassing. They don't even seem to know what the primary routes are in the UK. They also need to add the UK road colour system as it's a very difficult...
I wonder when they will rename System Preferences to Settings? They have the same icon why not the same name?
I'm not from North or South America and I've often wondered if people from the two continents of America get offended when people from the USA call their country America. I think it's perfectly valid to be offended - it's like when Scotland gets referred to as part of England - it's massively offensive because it's disrespectful. 
  Sorry but I totally disagree - and I find it offensive that English is listed as American English, or as English with an US flag or just simply English (US) with international English listing everyone else - Britain as everyone else WTF!    I have no issue with American English, but listing English as standard with the American flag is wrong it should be the British flag, then all the variations of English with the appropriate flag. It is fine to default to US English...
    Well Apple in the past as been a little American centric, but they are getting better - the UK as always been a big market so yeah these things are important, but it's nice to see a British dictionary in OS X trust me this is a big deal if you want spelling to be correct.    It isn't worth getting upset about though, and all this posturing about who is right doesn't help either, English is pretty much everywhere and us English speakers should all be grateful for that,...
I like Safari - not many other people seem too. The new changes look good!
Safari 5 has been a joke - I hope Safari 6 is better. I like the browser but is wish it wasn't such a memory hog.
HP should bring back WebOS. The whole keynote looked like an Apple knockoff, funny when the surface crashed and he had to be another one lol.
Most power sockets are badly placed for wi-fi most of mine are behind furniture, so they are always plugged into extension leads. Was a cool idea but not always practical - I welcome the the new design.
  Why? I have 6 weather apps on my iPad. Weather is very random here in the UK!!
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