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 Baseball also has blackouts but it is based on television contracts/rights.   I'd take NFL blackouts over MLB blackouts. MLB blacks outs nationally televised games if there happens to be a "local" team playing. If you're local team stinks like say the Marlins or Astros, you're screwed. You can't watch any other nationally broadcast game(ESPN, MLB Network etc) At least with the NFL if your "local" team is blacked out,  at least you'll get 2 nationally broadcasted game on...
Don't you turn on your range hood or have something similar.  A "cooking" mode is just asking for trouble. Cooking is the leading cause of fires in the home.  Most never make beyond the pot but I'd rather not take the chance. Anyways does the smoke detector really need to be "smart?" Other than changing the battery once a year and hitting the test button. Its something that you don't interact with on a daily basis.  You hope never to even have your smoke detector do its...
Were you expecting people to not go WTF are you wearing? You are using a product that is limited to an extremely small percentage of the population. There's what 1500 glasses or was that the price? Its likely less than 1000th of percent of the US population that has it. Most would probably be in the bay area.  I would be shock if people didn't go WTF.   While the privacy thing is something google/apple/insert company of your choice that makes a headmounted...
  It'll get close. I'm sure Apple did some optimization.   Rough math only. The battery in the 2012 model is only 4680 mAh, this year is 5100 mAh. That's about an 9% increase. If we add 9% life to last years 5 hour claim it would be 5.45 hours.  If we then take Haswells claim up 50% increase in life we end up at 8.145 hours which already close to Apple's 9 hour claim.
  If 2009 and 2010 are the same time then no. The kindle app was first released for the iphone/ipod touch back in March 2009. http://appleinsider.com/articles/09/03/04/amazon_brings_kindle_ebook_library_to_the_iphone.html   ibooks was announced in January 2010, and debuted with the launch of the ipad in March 2010.
He actually said "...where the company will begin producing a new version of a current Mac product later this year."   Upgrading the cpu and gpu would still fall under the vague description of "new version"   cpu/gpu refresh in imac ,mac mini, macbooks to a new mac pro design would qualify under his statement.
You realize that the same subcommittee already saw Microsoft and HP right? Those two sent company representatives. Apple could've done the same instead they or Cook decided he will go rather than send a representative.   He wasn't dragged or subpoenaed to appear.
  actually they market the 4th gen ipad as "Ipad with Retina Display"    Its reference as 4th gen in support documents though.
  Unless it got edited is says the ipad mini not iphone. assume the mini gets the same resolution as retina ipad it would work out to be 324 ppi.
  So you've never heard of making a photoshow/slideshow of said pictures and put in on a dvd?   Chances are they think CD and DVD are one and the same given they look identical.  A few simple questions would've solved your problem.
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