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Cry me a river. This is best buy not getting their employees to follow their own policies which is checking to see if local competitor has in stock.  I would like those employees to transfer and work at my local best buy. Mine will do whatever they can to NOT give you a price match, even on their own items.   I don't remember Walmart guaranteeing stock like they did with the iPad on black friday and give out rain checks.    It was a 1st come, 1st serve no rain...
  I think some people feel its fool proof and toss out all basic judgement.   few months ago some lady drove onto train tracks as the GPS on her prius directed her to. She was able to get out of the car but wasn't able to get her mother out in time. 
The yahoo story needs to clarify things or maybe a local can clarify things. Is the issue a 1 way street or a 1 lane road not intended for heavy traffic/large vehicles. The quotes focus on the heavy traffic/large vehicles issue. At least that's what the concern is. Pulling up the road you get a 1 lane road.I can't find any signs found anywhere and its similar to rural mountain areas in the US where you share the road with people. A tour bus isn't a good idea. If its a...
Cisco filed a request for re-examination one of the patents listed in the "similar allegations" story. That was denied.   Apple and Cisco also filed another request a different patent. That was accepted.   http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/VHC/key-developments/article/2453463   http://www.cipherlawgroup.com/blog/u-s-patent-office-orders-reexamination-of-virnetx-patent-on-requests-by-apple-and-cisco/   Other than today's story that's about it involving these players.
This isn't a new case.   this a refiling   It was previously filed but investigation was terminated on a technicality. Took nearly a year for that to be said.   http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-08-20/virnetx-loss-in-apple-itc-case-will-stand-agency-says   Why they didn't just allow the case to be amended is beyond me. You know its going to be refiled.
Apple wouldn't catch much flak if at the event they told people right away that there will be grow pains and are working feverishly as they spoke to make it the best it can be.   Instead they focus on flyer over and other wow factors and made it seem like everything else was the same as before.   Anyways its odd that google maps on desktop has the correct way without making an illegal turns. But if I use maps in ios5 or go to maps.google.com via safari its with...
It would be helpful to point out the errors that was wrong that are not obvious.   1st picture: exactly what was wrong with it? Pulling up a recent map shows everything is in the right spot.  Only thing I"m guessing is that you're given 3 choices due to traffic congestion and picking the shortest time.   edit: I found where the picture comes from. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2381573,00.asp   its google's traffic routing update from a year ago.     You realize...
Most times you don't even have to send back the cable. Just contact them and they'll resolve it quick.
you can either buy a male to female usb extender cable and use it with the cable in the box. Or buy the 6ft/10ft cable in black and white from monoprice. Lifetime warranty.
If we take that into consideration, whoever holds that KR547 patent likely worked it sometime before it was issued in July 2006. Possibly predating, April 2006 that Apple listed. Unless the patent office in South Korea works crazy fast.   In any case, my point remains. The witness made a statement regarding dates of when something was issue and when something was filed. If it was factually incorrect, Apple would've challenged it immediately.
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