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Apple may claim that's the date they invented it but Apple's D'087 patent wasn't filed until July 30, 2007, the D'667 wasn't filed until November 18, 2008.   Whether that witness opinion is good or bad, right or wrong, there's no way Apple's lawyers would have let it stand if he made such a false statement in terms of when the patents was filed.
I read this claim a lot. But the only item relating on Qualcomm and Samsung this story pertaining to their case in Australia.   http://www.zdnet.com/samsung-sacrificed-qualcomm-truce-for-apple-war-7000001348/   Samsung claims they terminated an agreement not to sue Qualcomm or any its customers. Anyways nearly a month as gone by and I would think there would at least be something from Apple characterizing what you stated in some fashion. Yet the only thing that comes up...
Nearly every case gets appealed until it is exhausted. This verdict will be appealed. Everyone knows it. It'll have little bearing on her political future.  If she were to make huge mistakes in applying the law or getting involved in controversial issues, it'll have an effect on her future.
Not sure why the cnet guy who's there didn't mention this too.   from another live blog. http://www.siliconvalley.com/ci_21275393/live-blog-apple-samsung-patent-trial-experts-take-stand   "Wit sez about 1/3 people surveyed saw vid of samsung tab & thot it was iPad; 24 pct also confused a Nook with iPad"   Really? nearly 1/4 thought a nook was an iPad?
Reading the title of the article should've told you that these are US numbers only. Same goes with what Apple provided. Further reading tells you it is only phones are accused by Apple to infringe.
Are these reasons what Best Buy enters into their system? Are they suppose do that?   My last return experience with Best Buy was rather quick.   No questions asked. Other than "Can I see your receipt."
The reporters who are in the court room really needs to do a better job of describing things as to be less confusing of what exactly was going on.   In the 1st paragraph from theverge it says Samsung claims they took the picture last night. Later says they claim it they took it sunday but photo shows yesterday's date and lawyer misspoke on day of the week.   Exactly which is it?   Was is it during a barrage of back and forth they mixed of Sunday and Monday...
I forgot which show it was but its a few years old now. they showed Supermarkets tested something similar. Customers self scan items as they put it in the cart with a barcode scanner/gun. It keeps track of the items they bought. they then place the "gun" in checkout station, confirm items and pay.   If Apple puts out this app some of these features, I wonder how soon will B&M retailers get pissy with the finding lowest price option. They weren't too happy with...
  This is just wrong.   from the CNET article that is linked.   "Once of the examples was a suggestion to alter the look of on-screen iconography, the apps users see on screen."   Suggesting that they change what the icon's appearance vs suggesting that they change what apps the users see on screen are two different things. 
I don't see the point of mentioning that Apple provides updates OS and android phone makers don't always update to the latest version OS with regards to maps.   the Maps application on android can be updated independently of OS. The oldest supported is 2.2. You don't need to be on ICS or Jellybean to get the maps update they put out few weeks ago.   The only caveat is that is has to be device that is officially licensed. 
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