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Yeah pretty much like his character in Pulp Fiction and other shows/movies with similar characters.   If only the guy on the right would have similar type of stance and facial expression.
fixed it. Happy now?
You know that photo makes Stringer and Ive look like guys whose job is "clean" things up.
A majority of the pictures of the phones have already been released to the media. Its in their trial briefs that was put out last week.   The only difference is these "leaks' look more like slides that would've been used to present.   Not sure on the deposition stuff, too lazy to read all 20+ pages to see if were also mentioned.
  Why would you exclude James Watson?   He's was born in Chicago.  Perhaps you were thinking of Francis Crick who is british.
At least in the Bay Area but you could always check out at various registers through out store not just the main ones.   Whether someone is actually staffing it is another issue but hardly something new for best buy.
It is for the loses Samsung would incur while the device is pulled from shelves while the claims made against them on the product is be decided.  Remember that right now it only the belief of the Judge that they are likely to succeed.   It would be unfair to any company if sales of a product is blocked and they get zero compensation when it is decided they there was no infringement. If there is no infringement then it was wrong/unjust to have the injunction in the 1st...
  Companies/Celebrities settle out of court a lot of times. They weigh the legal cost, damage to PR/image against being right and potential win.  Sometimes it a whole lot cheaper to cut a check and make it go away then drag it out.
Please stop posting from this guy/person.   He has NO insider sources. None, nada, zip.   Everyone of his "reports" comes out AFTER all the rumor sites and leaks occur.  I have never seen this guy post an original report. The only work this guy does is attach a title of "analyst" and throws out the far fetched things.
The # of macs with thunderbolt wasn't enough to justify a lot of companies to invest in it. MSI and ASUS just launched motherboards with thunderbolt but they are not cheap either. Computex is next week so its possible to see more products with thunderbolt. But I suspect might be 6 months to a year before there are more accessories on par with say USB3 products since at least with USB3 they(makers) know it can still be used by those with older system that only have USB2...
New Posts  All Forums: