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  going hybrid is probably the best solution. incorporating it right onto the motherboard can introduce headaches in repairs. Its easier to swap out a module should it fail than swapping out an entire motherboard.    Hopefully thought will retain the ability for end users to upgrade ram on their own on an update pro and not go the macbook air route and solder it right on. 
Exactly who was doing the talking in this?   Was in Tim and Samsung's CEO and possible a translator involved with lawyers to advise and nothing more? Or was it their lawyers doing the talking with the two there to merely observe and give a thumbs up or thumbs down?   If it was their lawyers then its obvious it would've failed. those guys have no interest in a resolution. Long drawn out battle = more money for them.  
well that depends. For individuals like steve, just saying it sucks without any reason flies regardless even if it was something quantifiable.  But I agree there are times where you really can't put a data value on it like weight or size. It might perfect in all those areas but then the only word you can reject on is its ugly with no point of reference.   Since we can't see exactly what he is saying that Samsung is objecting to its difficult make any conclusions there are...
Does Mueller have the unredacted version? The link goes to one where a lot of it is redacted. A couple of the pages nearly everything is redacted other than 1 or 2 lines. Some of the redacted parts leads to funny unredacted stuff. You'd get redacted then followed by . "That is absurd"   Hardly anything can be made from it.  Its Name of expert, what they said which is redacted followed by citation of case law as to why it should and occasionally some more redacted stuff.
  Umm basic math will tell you that a 100 dollar drop for apple would result in a huge lost well beyond 10 billion given their huge market cap as it is.  The last close was $546.08, a 100 dollar drop would equate to roughly 20% drop in stock price. That kind of drop generally occurs when something really really bad happens. If apple shares were to drop that much you'd likely expect to see sell offs in the entire market.   If apple shares dropped tomorrow about 6% like...
  Actually what happened was that when both Samsung and Apple voluntarily dropped claims when Judge Koh told them the amount both had claim would amount to "cruel and unusual punishment" for jurors, Samsung's lawyers took the chance and filed a request that the claims that Apple dropped be dismissed with prejudice. Apple never made such a request on Samsung's claims, Samsung retains their rights to re-file if they want in the future.  Had Apple file the same request...
You're still screwing someone over though. Someone would've eventually bought the winning ticket of subsequent drawing. Their prize now will be dramatically less. You're better off winning the smaller prize that is 1 less than the jackpot. take the few hundred thousand and invest. The lesser prizes are awarded regardless and you don't really screw anyone over except the state. You go find your younger self and assuming you don't destroy the universe, get them to use their...
Do you think defendants yelling at the judges doesn't happen in the US? There are idiots who after losing make threats, try attacking judge. Search youtube you will see these people. its not exclusive to China.
the television show is Knight Rider. the Knight Ridder referenced by the courts is a media publishing company. Newspapers and such. Learn the difference.
this is just bs from the makers. they cried the foul when DDR2 prices dropped. ddr3 prices is dropping now too and its now a new excuse. If it wasn't ipads/iphones it wouldt just be something else. you can find 8GB of DDR3 right now for around 30-40 bucks before rebate from Corsair and others.
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