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I never heard of Xingular. Cingular which was formed by SBC and bellsouth (which were baby bells) bought AT&T wireless then took back the old AT&T name.
Yup. its the easiest thing Apple or really any company can do to avoid the confusing mess. this product is able to support X, Y and Z but it dependent on your carrier/region. I remember facetime was not supported in the middle east or something. Not sure if its supported now but it was an issue then.
Not sure if the adapter is an issue yet. I asked over on 9to5mac where it started which model/variant of the s2 it is. But my comment disappears. its certainly not the samsung attain(ATT variant) its much larger. its not the international version either, its a complete different design from the att variant. I think the galaxy s2 are about to be released or will be released so there's few unboxing videos/photos to go around.
what about thishttp://technologer.net/2011/03/03/di...a-from-incase/ the samsung tablet accessory is more like the incase thing. It looks from the photos to be a case with a cover that folds to allow the tablet to be propped up. several speck cases do the same thing.
This just sounds like trying to come up with stories when there really isn't anything. I know its july 4th weekend. Various manufacturers have Grade A or Grade B type products. Grade A stuff generally have less issues and often given put into products or labeled as products with longer warranties. Grade B stuff are used for something else. Rarely do they get dumped away. Just think of like lumber from a tree. some cuts will be used for different things.
Seriously stop posting from this guy. He probably has ZERO sources. the ipad 2 stuff he "correctly" predicted. All he did was comb through all the break downs people put out from the betas of 4.3 or so from various blogs then threw out all the far fetched stuff like quad core, 4x resolution etc. the majority of us figured that stuff out from the get go. The september rumor, 8 mp camera, same design. Everyone of them the rumors were put out well before this guy...
This sign in again for in app purchases, is it only implemented with 4.3? what about people stuck on 3.1.3 and 4.2.1?
this guy again. \ this analyst doesn't do any work. I can't find the link now but his Ipad 2 analyst was nothing more than combing through various apple blogs with a straight head to ignore the wild spec claims like quad core or 4x the resolution. He has never put out something before all the various blogs do. Its always after.
where did you get all that from? Let me guess someone posted claiming that? Many of my local stores in the bay area have almost every version of the 1st gen. You can still find the item on their website. Now obviously they won't get any more once they sell what they have left but they are still being sold and likely be sold unless best buy decides to use for other purposes.
when will amazon be able to get in on this? Sure B&M gives you instant gratification but getting to save on tax is worth waiting.
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