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Chrome is better if you use ANY device other than Apple. Many people use Windows computers too,  there's no Safari on them to sync with. Plus the extensions on Chrome are much better and more varied. 
There's no way this will not be upheld on appeal, it would give Apple and everyone else licence to engage in antitrust behaviour via a third party. Rightly or wrongly, Apple are going to be made an example of for this. Maybe they should just have settled along with everyone else - now they are the public face of this scandal.
Do you chew tobacco? 
Good work Joe, you can use the internet. Did you learn that in the USA or travel abroad for it? 
  It looks a shitload better than yours Skil.   We don't have to bring guns to school. 
Soak it up Apple. Take the length and keep on grinning. 
  Mate, your signature is a quote from Margaret Thatcher ffs. You lost all credibility with any rational thinker as soon as you put that on.
You mean anyone not tearing their hair out and dismissing a respected judge as a "lunatic" or the decision as "beyond bizarre?"   Or those who just like a laugh now and again about something that doesn't really affect their lives in any meaningful way unless they choose to make it so?   I just think it's bloody funny.
  That's one of the more insane comments so far. You know how much Apple make in the UK?   Also, I would take the UK judicial system over the US any day of the week.
  Does any one know whether the touted dictation feature means Apple will have to design the Minis with an external mic that can pick up your voice? I've used a mini server at home for ages so I can have a matte screen, but I was just wondering are they allowed to tout it as a feature then tell you to go out and buy a USB mic? I suppose it's the same as saying you can run a second screen via an adapter, but I would just like an opinion. It's one thing that would make the...
New Posts  All Forums: