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What apple bug, it's a chrome bug, check the original ai article Ps. Guys something's got to be done about huddler and smillies I am still getting question marks on the left where the smilies I presume ar esupposed to be and no smilie shortcut ever appears in anything other than a question mark on mobile safari...ok we kinda accepted the blank spaces between posts (I wouldn't say gotten used to them) but to not be able to post the occasional emoticon...shhhhisssh
Nice try, read posts 1-1000, and don't quote others instead, your quote here was from another poster.
Finally a sensible technical post, this thread had started to read like a cross between Hemingway and Orwell.
I dig your hermetic poetry man.
Sure, the problem is though that the os shouldn't kerrnel panic because of that and crash, that's the whole pint of making a robust os in 2012. It should safeguard itself even from the most malicious code. What's also conveniently ommited here is that it's not the intel chip, it's the drivers for the intel chip, there's no problem on the hardware level with the intel chip. This case is revealing a much deeper vulnerability of os x.
Yeah dude whatever.
From left to right, iPad, 27" iMac, iPod nano.
All joking and google bashing aside, it's shocking how this can happen to os x in 2012, a gfx driver crash hasn't brought down windows since vista in what 2007? The graphics stack should simply restart without bringing down the whole os. There 's a problem here that needs to be fixed in the graphics driver, but the underlying problem which I can assume wont be fixed in ml, of the os allowing this to happen is what's really troubling here.
I didn't read your comment in any fatalistic sense whatsoever. I read it matter of fact, Mansfield was a mac figurehead, instrumental in apple's success, if there's anyone other than Serlet from the old guard who's departure could be interpreted symbolically as a change to an uncertain direction for apple it would be him. To me way much more than Schiller and only second to Ive. And if you might have noticed I didn't make a comment relating his departure to a decline in...
New Posts  All Forums: