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Currently 4pm in the UK and I still can't update my iPhone Apps...   
I think the best feature of Time Machine is the fact that it does automatically backup every hour!!! Check your settings as my iMac is being backed up as I type this...
 Yes. It is called Metadata+, the very App Apple removed!  
I've just spotted it in UK Mac App Store. I think I'll wait until tomorrow morning before upgrading my 8 year-old iMac 
Cool! Whole process took 15 minutes for me. My iPhone 5 had no issues with iOS 9 but I updated anyway...
Can you insert the Apple Pencil into the iPad Pro?
Ok, so I've just returned home from cinema having watched Terminator Genisys and was about to text a friend when I noticed all of my messages have suddenly disappeared from my iPhone!!   Not a single text is left. As soon as I tap on the Messages icon I get taken to the New Messages screen.   I've restarted the iPhone and even turned it OFF and then On but it makes no difference.   Can anyone help?   Has Skynet infiltrated my device?
I bet the MPs claim it on their expenses!
That's a real shame. As a Radiohead fan I loved how he always managed to get some good info out of them.
I was happy to see a notification on my Desktop stating the update had already been downloaded and Installed on my machine...
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