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Maybe these are going to be the remotes for the new Apple TV sets?  
Popped into Westfield in London today to have a play on the new Retina MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, there were none on show!   I asked an assistant when they would be expecting a demo unit and I was told early next week. Very surprised by that. I m,ay have to check out Regents Street store...
 <===== meant to be a sad face. Please AppleInsider - fix the Smiley feature....
Yep, check out BBC for more details....
I just sold a Samsung 55" ES8000 yesterday (with a 27" iMac) for just over £4000! Last week it was a 70" Sharp 3D LED TV for £3500   People are happy to pay this sort of money - trust me!   I hope the rumours of an Apple TV set are true - they will fly out of the door.  
      Hi guys,   Thanks for that great info! I'm going to check out Plex, XBMC and VLC Player!    Before checking back here, I have discovered an application called ServeToMe and StreamToMe (info). I've been playing around with it and so far it has been great! I can now stream from my iMac to my iPhone 4S and it encodes on the fly. It currently supports the TV Out cable so I could hook up my iPhone to my TV.   VLC Streamer seems like a great way to go in order to bypass...
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