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Resolve an issue in which the "Reopen windows when logging back in" setting is always enabled.   Thanks!! 
Upgraded to 5.1.6 - still doesn't work!! 
  Thanks for the explanation. Personally, only around 10% of my iTunes library was purchased from iTunes Music Store. The large majority was ripped from my CD collection...
Ok, that makes sense - thanks!    BTW, I can only see one smiley face in the "insert Smiley" list. I'm using Safari 5.1.5....
Ok, this may seem like a daft question but....how are they able to obtain the email addresses of those who purchased an iPod between 2006 and 2009?
iDisk has been working great for me. Being able to host my website has been an added benefit.    Currently using DropBox which is ok - but I'd rather have iCloud serve all my needs. Unfortunately, it is currently lacking....   I will also miss Gallery. Being able to view my uploaded pictures/videos in any browser is very nice.   Hoping iCloud gets more functionality over time. Maybe we'll get some updates during WWDC 2012....
New Posts  All Forums: