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    I'm fully aware that Apple has a contract with Samsung and that they will continue to make Smartphones anyway. My point was that relying on just one supper (especially with all of the current legal wranglings going on) isn't ideal. I've nothing against Samsung personally but surely you can see that Apple relying on one of their main competitors for components isn't healthy.   The quicker the other suppliers get their act together the better.   In an ideal world, Apple...
The sooner the other companies get their act together the better. Relying heavily on Samsung at the moment isn't ideal...
I look forward to seeing what new features appear in After Effects....   Oh, I have been using Muse (BETA) for a while now on my own site as a replacement to iWeb. Great app.    
That looks freaking sweet!
So when are we gonna get one of these?
1 x iMac (2008) 1 x iPod (2003) 1 x iPhone 3G 3 x iPhone 4S 1 x MacBook Pro (2008) That's my contribution for the UK stats (whatever that might be)
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