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Logic is the reason I switched from Windows to Mac (having been a Sonar user). Fantastic software now at a stunning price. I'm interested to see what Logic Pro X turns out like....
Just downloaded now. Can't wait to start receiving my freebies...
lol! As someone who sells TV's this certainly made me chuckle... I do hope Apple release a TV set soon 'cause I'd get to demo/play on it all day
Just downloaded and installed....Can't notice any difference but I'll have a play tomorrow morning... ...actually, it does appear to be snappier - especially on YouTube
My thoughts exactly
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the new Mimetic Poly-Alloy MacBook Air!! Excuse my basic Photoshop skills...
Thanks for the replies I wasn't aware of the 2 year warranty protection policy. However, my main concern is in regards to the accidental damage which I'm sure is not part of the EU warranty protection. I'm currently with O2 here in the UK and their iPhone insurance is £12.50 a month. With my 12 month contract I'll be paying £150 just for insurance. Then there is the £80 or so excess to pay just for making a claim... I never usually purchase insurance but I've witnessed...
U.S. only? ** Sigh... **
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