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Why not just lick the screen to unlock? The phone would have to analyse your saliva - thus adding extra security
Damn I hope this rumor is true I work in the Vision department at a well-known electrical retailer in the UK and I'm starting to get bored of selling Samsung/Sony/Panasonic 3D LED Smart TV's. Whilst these TV's (especially the Samsung TV's) look stunning, the Smart TV interface on these sets look clunky and awkward. Although customers like the idea of streaming content from different devices to a TV and accessing the Internet, no one has managed to do this in a...
Thanks for sharing - that is great to hear
This works well for me as well. My name@hotmail.com is tied to my iTunes which I set up about 9 years ago. This is the ID I use for all my store purchases. My name@me.com ID is used for iCloud.It all works well However, it would be nice if I could merge both accounts so I can finally get rid of my Hotmail account!!
...or the rest of the world....
So when is AppleCare+ coming to the UK?
I don't understand - is this a good thing? Why was Quicktime included in the first place?
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