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Nice update
Very impressive.   Check out full video of event here (skip to 6:30)   http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2014/may14/05-20webcast.aspx  
Wow - this 3D printing technology seems very interesting. I love the idea of being able to design and produce a bespoke products.
You're welcome  I'm also intrigued as to what is in store for the new version of Office.  iWorks is more than enough for my requirements but I still have a soft-spot for good old Office... 
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2014/mar14/03-27mobilecloudpr.aspx  I have to say that although I'm not a fan of this subscription model, the Apps do look very good. I think the presentation overall was great - well done Microsoft!
I wish Apple would bring back iDisk (or something similar).   Worked really well for me and I loved being able to host my website on it...
So I was on the BBC website today and I noticed two old Apple related stories in the Most Popular section of the site.   The first story was relating to the passing away of Steve Jobs (originally reported on 6th October 2011) and the second story was related to  Apples 2011 WWDC where they announced we are all living in a "post-PC world" as they introduced iCloud.     Thought it was a bit random for these two old Apple stories to have appeared after such a long...
Glad I could be of use
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