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I waited in line for both the iPhone 4S and 5 on release day - great fun. Meanwhile my smug friends who'd ordered online had to wait weeks before their product arrived.. I'd be amazed if the new iPhone was available on release day. I'm certain it will be Friday 20th...
iPhone 501 - available in Denim
Agreed! I miss being able to host my website on iDisk. I've since had to pay for that service elsewhere...  iWeb was great! I've since switched to Adobe Muse 
That's how I feel!! 
Hmm... looks interesting.
If you haven't already watched the press event, then check out the video below. ChromeCast info starts at 0:37:11 LINK!!!  
This actually looks very interesting - well done Google!
At last! Arpeggiator!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Love the poster and trailer.   I hope Ashton did a good Jobs...  
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