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I agree. It's an interesting idea. I think the problem they are addressing is the need to emote while texting. I've always thought adding emojis was cumbersome and time-consuming. This app tries to meet that need. But as others have said, with Snapchat and FaceTime already available, it seems difficult for this to gain traction.
I think it would be neat to have an exhibit about Steve Jobs at the visitor center. I can picture glass cases with the various iconic outfits Steve wore over his lifetime, including his three-piece suits and of course, the famous black turtleneck, Levi's jeans, and New Balance sneakers.
 I did meet many Chinese and Koreans in Japan. Maybe foreigners residing in Japan are the source of this pirated media.
 Like I said previously, I would prefer for all Apple products to be manufactured in the U.S. That's the ideal. But it wouldn't be cheap, so I recognize the trade-off there. In terms of respecting IP, I think Japan does. Generally speaking, they have a culture that prides itself on abiding by rules, and anecdotally, when I lived there, almost no one I met pirated anything. I never mentioned anything about being democratic, so I don't know how to respond to that. I think...
I agree, manufacturing in China is a financial necessity. If it made financial sense, I would prefer all Apple products to be manufactured here in the States like the Mac Pro. Bring the jobs, business, know-how, all back. Or at least outsource manufacturing to a country with more respect for intellectual property rights. Without its cheap labor, China is the worst place in the world to manufacture, in my opinion. They'll destroy their own environment and take advantage of...
I was thinking the same thing as auxio. My mother used to work in China as an accountant, and according to her, local officials stopped by their company regularly to demand bribes. At one point, when the company decided not to pay, they were made to jump through ridiculous bureaucratic hoops to keep from being shut down. I think what Maestro64 says makes sense, that China sees value in Apple because of the jobs and industry it brings into the country, so it makes PR moves...
Looks interesting. Maybe a little sensationalistic from the looks of the trailer. But interesting nonetheless.
This is a great story. Especially because it highlights the fact that a typical user can shoot great photos with the iPhone.   It would've been easier, and much less meaningful, for Apple to hire professional photographers to shoot photos on the iPhone for this ad campaign. But opening up the search criteria to anyone shooting with an iPhone, gives the ads that much more oomph.
Sounds like a cool idea. But I've read that many people lose their Apple TV remotes because they are so small. It would be a shame to lose one with a TouchID sensor.
 I've been struggling to understand why Apple obscuring specific sales figures for the Watch is a competitive advantage. What the two of you (sog35 & spheric) have written is helpful and enlightening. So, thank you! Are there any other strategic considerations you can think of to keep the sales figures under wraps?
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