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It's good to have a carrier that's trying new things like T-Mobile has been. The U.S.'s telecom industry needs a good kick in the ass.
 Thanks for the info, I didn't know that.
It makes sense that the Apple Watch dock is more luxurious than the iPhone dock.   It has to accommodate users who will buy it for their Edition models, which is a luxury product worth upwards of $10k. You wouldn't want to pair this valuable piece of "jewelry" with a crappy plastic stand.   I'd guess that this dock was designed specifically with the Edition model in mind, and then priced at a level that Sport and Regular model owners could also accept. So in a way, I...
  I agree.If true, this pitch by her talent agency to include stocking CDs in Apple Stores is dumb and anachronistic. Nobody goes to an Apple Store to buy music, much less music in a form they can't access on their iPhones/iPods. 
If you watch the video, after Iovine made the comment, one of the female hosts said, "he's talking about me, cuz I was telling him earlier". He gets immediate agreement from the demographic he's talking about; doesn't that prove that he makes a valid point? He didn't even, even corrected himself saying "some women". This is all overblown, I think. But it was classy of him to apologize anyway.
This is very cool. I hope Apple keeps tabs on the company it's financing to building out the solar power, and there's not repeat of the GT Advanced fiasco.
The gift guide makes shopping easy if your special someone has one of the interests mentioned. Very good marketing; slick but also helpful.
 This reminds me of the time in grade school when I laughed so hard, I sprayed milk out of my nose.
I think this implementation might make it into the Apple Car dashboard.
It's a shame that stories like this will not get enough press coverage.
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