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  You could just as well ask, "if you have an iPad, why do you need an iPhone?" The answers are very similar.
Well that was fast.   Both for the Apple Watch to make a dent in the Swiss watch industry, and for the media to make that connection.   I still have my doubts that it's the case. Just anecdotally, here in New York City, I haven't seen that many people wearing them. 
 I tried it out in-store also. It is indeed much easier than the magnifying glass. However, I couldn't get the text selection to work consistently. I think you have to first get the cursor going, then let go of all pressure, then apply pressure again for the text selection to work. I found it very frustrating because it didn't work consistently. The feature seems not ready for primetime.
An exciting additional benefit to Peek and Pop is the new way you can use it to select text. Hopefully it will alleviate the frustrating experience I always have with the magnifying glass. 
 I agree. But I wonder how long this kind of overwhelming demand will last.  China's economy seems to be slowing down, and frankly, I don't trust the reassurances that the government is giving. I'm guessing there will be further trouble when sometime in the future, foreign companies get tired of China's shenanigans and stop outsourcing manufacturing there.  I think it is wise for Apple to continue to expand its retail footprint, but slowly and with an upper limit. China's...
I think it's smart for Pebble to go with a round face in order to attract buyers who dislike the Apple Watch's rectangular face. Trying to compete head-on with Apple is a mistake.
This new program is very enticing to me because it means I never have to worry about my iPhone. If I were on this program, I would not have to buy and use a bulky case, I wouldn't care if I get scratches or if the cable starts to fray, I wouldn't have to baby the phone and accessories to keep its resale value, I wouldn't have to think about wasting battery cycles, I wouldn't have to envy other people's newer model iPhones, and as an AAPL investor, I wouldn't have to...
 I had the same reaction. I read this article hoping to get the writers' reactions to trying out the products hands-on. I watched the full keynote, so nothing in this article was useful to me. I guess I should've read more into the "First look" title. Was hoping for a "First impressions" article.
 I certainly hope you're right about the prospects for AAPL's rise. However, short-term moves in Apple's stock price often don't make any sense...
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