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I like these ads. They're short and sweet. And even a little whimsical.   The recent Apple ads (I forget for what product) that were narrated were sometimes... corny. I like how quiet these ads are, in tone and sales pitch. 
Solar power seems much better suited to the Apple Watch or iPhone. I wonder if this patent is a misdirection, and the technology will find its way into portables instead, despite what's written. Doesn't the description "a device...[with] transparent touch sensitive surfaces" sound like the Watch or iPhone?
As others have said, it seems that many parents buy iPod Touches for their children. I'm guessing the inability for the child to rack up a gigantic phone bill is a benefit of the iPod Touch. I think this works in Apple's favor, introducing youngsters to Apple products early. Before getting my first iPhone, I had thought of doing something similar. But not being able to call someone I'm meeting if we can't find each other was a deal breaker for me. It's cool that you can...
I wonder who are buying iPod Touches.   Can anyone who has bought one recently chime in and say how you're using it?
I wonder if the shift toward a-la-carte TV will further push the major networks to streamline their content, and/or spin them off into separate channels. Like ABC news only, or NBC reality only channels.
Ditto. Flash is a cpu-intensive, battery draining memory hog. My Macs have been much happier being Flash-free.
 Interesting. I wonder if in the not so distant future, cursive will be become almost a lost art, with just a handful of private teachers keeping it alive. Could be a 
 Haha. Have you tried writing cursive lately? I get so lost in all the loops...
This new arrangement of icons seems like it might be slightly disorienting because of the differences between the iPhone and iPad icon arrangements.   Can someone using the new iOS on both an iPad and iPhone comment on whether the different folder arrangements bother them?
The screenshots folder would be helpful for me.   I sometimes take screenshots of transit directions so that I can view them while in New York City subways, where there is often no reception.
New Posts  All Forums: