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  I wasn't aware that the iPad mini has this feature.  Thanks for informing me!  With that in mind, I can see the likelihood of Apple making the bezel smaller for the reasons you mentioned.   By the way, I googled a few articles about this new tech, and couldn't help but chuckle when I read the words "unwanted touches".  
I'm really digging this series of new 'quiet' ads.  I especially like how they show scenes of people from all over the world--subtly showing that Apple is a global brand.   On a side note, the fact that no one speaks is clever; this means the ad can be used in any country, and is not limited to an English-speaking audience.
  Since we're all talking about our mobile plans: I pay $30/month and get unlimited data & text and 100 minutes of talk with T-Mobile's prepaid plan.  Data is 3G with occasional pockets of Edge in New York City, where I live.  Never had a dropped call either.   I think it's a great deal!   And to echo other users' comments, AT&T rates are unreasonably expensive in the prepaid market.
  A thinner bezel for the regular-sized iPad seems like a bad idea.  And I doubt that's what Apple has in mind.   The iPad mini can get away with it because it is meant to be held in the palm of one hand.  But a full-size iPad needs the wider bezel so your thumb can have a firm hold.
Comparing the images, it looks like Apple's flyover is much better at creating a sense of depth, which makes it easier to discern one building from another. Whereas in Google's 3D maps, the buildings all look jumbled together.
This bit is interesting.  Maybe the iBracelet will have the fingerprint sensor tech that Apple acquired.
This is super cool!
I'm hoping that the iWatch will incorporate the functionality of this gizmo.
Although Apple is doing well and leading the pack, perhaps they should pay some attention to the number two spot. If Apple cares about its stock price, it would be better for them to make sure that no single company is too strong of a player.
The ruler is a neat idea. But couldn't they have implemented it without the physical ruler? What about just using the fingers of your left hand to define the path of the straight lines & arcs?
New Posts  All Forums: