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If Apple is really moving to TSMC for its AX chips, I wonder if the Samesung phenomenon will happen again. Taiwanese companies are not known for innovation and I could see the same kind of patent infringement being repeated. I hope not, but it seems like a real possibility.
  I wasn't aware of this rule, but I'm glad it's there.  I'd hate to be bombarded by push notification ads.  It would probably condition me into ignoring notifications, which defeats their purpose.   Another sign that Apple is looking out for its customers.  I wonder, do Android users get push notification ads?
Can someone with relevant expertise in this field comment on Google's decision to fork WebKit?   Since Google and Apple are competitors in this space, my knee-jerk reaction is to suspect that this is some kind of power play against Apple.  However, there could be a legitimate reason, from a technical standpoint, that I don't know of.   Anyone care to share?
  I wish they and other real news sites would just get off Apple's nuts so the stock price can go back to normal.   I miss the good ol' slow-n-steady days.
I guess WSJ is officially in the rumor business now?
If Apple were to introduce an iTV that is also a gaming machine, that would certainly be much more value added than just a straight TV.
When the FB app went from version 4 to 5, it was a huge improvement. Noticeably faster, and better interface.
  Interesting counter-point.  It wouldn't make for a very juicy headline though. 
  Interesting point.  I wish I could hop in an alternate universe machine and see how Apple stock would be doing having continued its no-dividend policy.  Maybe it'd be less beat up than it is now?
The part about AT&T is strange indeed. I had to do exactly that to get data working on my pay-as-you-go account. It sucks that they won't officially support iPhones unless they're on an expensive post-paid plan.
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