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I guess lucked out, cuz I got in on this deal when I bought my iMac on Black Friday two months ago. Got a $99 printer for free. Didn't have to mail anything in, and in fact, I don't remember filling out any forms online either. A couple weeks after my purchase, I received a check from Apple for $100. Easy peasy. Completely painless, compared to all the other rebates I've ever gotten before.
True, especially when it involves a secretive company like Apple.
Agreed. Just look at the iMac & Mac Pro. Their physical form factor hasn't changed much in the last few years.
A large, touch-screen tv seems silly to me. Especially with those slimy corporate types touching it all day. I wonder how much it would cost to build multi-touch into a 40"+ surface.
This strategy caught me totally by surprise, and it seems to be working superbly for Apple. It's amazing that the 3GS is still in demand even though it's a couple years old already. A testament to its quality and good design. I'd still be using mine if I hadn't been enticed by the excellent camera on the 4S. I doubt Android phones have the same longevity. In fact, two of my friends who bought Android phones recently and are already sick of them within a matter of months.
Reminds me of what they do occasionally at Woot
I'm also a happy Airport Extreme convert. I definitely don't miss resetting my router every few weeks. Unplug, wait 30 seconds... plug in again
Although I've heard it before, it still surprises me every time I hear of how much demand there is for iPhones in China. We're talking about a place that's abundant with decent knock-offs for a fraction of the price. This is a good sign of not only the brand-recognition but also the quality of iPhones.
I'm guessing that Apple will use whatever they learn from this app in its upcoming implementation of the rumored NFC e-wallet in the iPhone.
Wow, Taiwan in a headline! Young folks in Taiwan love the iPhone/iPad. Case in point, my cousin (30s) lost his iPhone 4 half a year ago, and because he keeps up with the rumors, was already planning to buy the 5 this summer (which didn't end up launching). And he's neither an Apple enthusiast nor a gadget geek. Also, Apple is in the local newspapers all the time because many of the manufacturers are Taiwan companies (with factories in China).
New Posts  All Forums: