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A must have function for me on a smart watch is the ability to hold it up to my ear and make a phone call.
Too bad the video didn't show kids talking about why they enjoy learning on an iPad. I think that'd be compelling, and maybe telling of the impact of iPads on their learning.
I wonder how Samsung feels about these leaks. Are they just as annoyed as Apple is about losing the "wow" factor of the reveal?
It makes sense for Apple to try to shrink the Apple TV as much as possible, because when they finally launch the Apple-branded TV, they'll want the innards to be as small and thin as possible.  Maybe it'll look something like the current iMac, but with a larger screen.
This photo where the iPhone's screen is facing down, makes the thing look like a casket.  I'm glad this design was buried.  
Is the home button really big enough to scan a fingerprint?   A full-sized fingerprint, such as those taken by the police, are of the entire surface of the first section of one's finger.  The current home button is maybe only half that size, if that.  I doubt that Apple would make the home button any bigger just to accommodate this.   Are there any fingerprint scanning experts here who can shed some light on this?
I don't quite understand why the headline is written the way it is. Wouldn't Apple possibly benefit from using this tech too?
Imagine if you worked in this campus, and were going directly across the way to have an argument with a co-worker.  I bet by the time you cross the wooded meadow in the middle and reach the other side, you wouldn't feel like arguing anymore.    Or instead, maybe they'll have shuttle chairs (similar to the ones for scooting old people up the stairs) inside the building that whisk you around to the other side.  Then that same argument would turn into a fist-fight, like...
I've often thought that one way to solve these concussion problems is to get rid of all padding and helmets, kind of like the old days.   Without all that armor, players would think twice about how they tackle, because they might crack their own skulls in the process.   I used to play rugby, where neither padding nor helmets are used.  There are proper tackling techniques which are injury-free and get the job done.  Putting your head down and ramming an opponent,...
I think this paragraph needs fixing.
New Posts  All Forums: