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This seems like a bit of a pain to put on and take off every time you want to play a game. Or if you just keep it on all the time, wouldn't it get in the way of plugging in headphones and putting it in a syncing stand?
I like the new way you swipe to change from stills to video. The previous slider was so small it was difficult to get at.
I think the new feature allowing you to mirror the full desktop on a TV was introduced specifically so you could connect the future iTV to your Mac.
I'm guessing this new Mac Pro will cost a lot.   Now that most people are moving to iPads & MacBooks for their daily computing, the Pro desktop can be aimed squarely at professionals who will use this new beast to make money with.  That means they won't mind investing the extra dollars to get a truly powerful machine.   Gone are the days when you needed a tower Mac to edit video and music.
The customer gets their iPhone back faster and Apple saves money on shipping. Win win!
Those figures are quite astounding. I think it's partly due to iPhone users being excited about software updates.
If Tim Cook were not Steve Jobs' successor, I would not have read this article or watched the videos.   I always looked forward to hearing what Steve had to say.  His speeches were mind-blowingly insightful about technology, and his product unveilings were an exciting show.   Tim is neither a showman nor does he have a way with words, and frankly, he is rather boring to watch.  I'm not saying Tim's a bad CEO because he's not like Steve, but let's face it, Tim's...
I downloaded the app last year and watched a few of the performances. The production value was quite amazing: great resolution video, spectacular lighting, and talented artists. This was where I first saw Miguel, before he blew up. So if you want to hear up-and-coming artists, the iTunes Festival is a great place for that.
For those calling for more innovation, I would like to remind you that most people upgrade on a two-year cycle because of their cellular contracts, so the next iPhone (presumably the 5S), only needs to appeal to those who are upgrading from a 4S. The longer screen and lightness of the current 5 is probably enough enticement already. But knowing Apple, they'll probably throw in a other few small features to sweeten the deal. IMO, the next iPhone will be about...
Why now, I wonder, would they finally admit to this? Did a non-disclosure agreement expire or something?
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