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Just a guess here, but it seems like Microsoft's move to deliver their OS digitally opens them up to some malware problems. A hacker could sneak their malware into this digital download process, maybe mid-stream or through phishing scams. Both of which are potential new problems with delivering them over the internet. I suppose Apple faces the same problems too, but less so because their system is a bit more closed.
This to me is the one most likely feature to be in the next iPad. It also is the most significant change, from a business standpoint. Apple will be able to make just two versions of the next iPad--WiFi and WiFi+3G--and benefit from that efficiency.
I believe that since the Mac's shift to Intel (or maybe even before), Apple has wisely chosen to develop parallel versions of the Mac OS that run on different CPU architectures. That way they're less susceptible to the kind of problems they had with PowerPC. Hell, they might even have a copy of Lion running on PowerPC hardware in one of their labs. Just in case.
Nice final touch.
Can you imagine any 6 year-old kid wanting a netbook for Christmas?
I can imagine a cool scenario for using this function. Your family gathers for a group photo. You set-up your iPhone 4S on a little tripod and frame the shot. You walk over and take your place next to your aunt. When everyone's ready, you speak into your connected bluetooth earpiece: "Take a photo in 3 seconds" and take off the earpiece. Siri snaps your family photo. You check the photo and see that it's too dark. "One more!" you tell everyone as you get back into...
One of my main reasons for upgrading from a 3GS is for the better camera. With the 4S, I can stop carrying my big, old point-and-shoot. One less gadget to carry.
I completely agree.These Chinese environmentalist groups are barking up the wrong tree. They should be having meetings with the suppliers and their local governments. But they would probably be "disappeared" if they did.This is all a political game played by the Chinese government. They sic these (maybe well-meaning) environmentalists on foreign companies like Apple to get publicity, but meanwhile, they harass environmental lawyers who are fighting against domestic...
Although iCloud seems like an great idea, I wonder how much use the average user (like me) would get out of it. Can anyone offer anecdotes on how they use it on a day-to-day basis?
If there are anti-monopoly laws in S. Korea, Samsung may want to keep Apple around as a competitor because Koreans buy mostly domestic goods.
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