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Hearing Sorkin's thoughts about his film gives me a bit of hope that the film might be good.   On the other hand, seeing photos of Ashton Kutcher running around town in Steve Jobs' uniform, has had the opposite effect for me about the other film.
This is good information, especially if you're buying a second-hand iPhone from ebay.  Some sellers/re-sellers bundle in crappy, third-party chargers, which have been rumored to mess up the battery, or even cause over-heating.
Personally, I don't like the new ads. A little too cutesy, regardless of the celebrities.
That's funny . Her friends must yank her chain a lot. Though just from the photo, she doesn't look particularly naive.
The new nano-SIM might take up less space in a phone, but the current micro-SIM is pretty damn hard to manipulate as it is.
I worried about this same problem when I got my iPhone 4S. But after checking Apple's Support Communities, I learned that the rattling is an inherent aspect of the camera. If I remember correctly, users were saying that it is a free-floating lens element. One way to check is to turn on the camera and focus on something close. If the rattling stops, then it is the lens element. This was the case for my iPhone. Since then, it no longer bothers me.
Like I've said before, I believe an app-centric interface (such as this current iteration of AppleTV) will most likely be used for the forthcoming Apple-branded TV, with each app representing a different show. So it makes sense for these apps to be deletable and re-arrangable as they are on the iPhone/iPad interface. Perhaps your iPhone/iPad will be able to mirror what's on the Apple-branded TV so that you can more easily arrange the icons.
An interesting thought!
With the iPad 2, you could mirror or output the image to a TV via AirPlay at 1080p resolution. Now that the new iPad has an even higher resolution, I wonder if Apple will release a TV that nearly matches the resolution of the iPad. They could brand it as the first ever Retina Display TV, and use some of the iPad display technology in it. This would differentiate the Apple branded TV from other brands, and give it that premium quality associated with Apple products.
Don't forget the transition animation, where the 25 Billion drops from the top, making a thud and a cloud of dust.
New Posts  All Forums: