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I guess WSJ is officially in the rumor business now?
If Apple were to introduce an iTV that is also a gaming machine, that would certainly be much more value added than just a straight TV.
When the FB app went from version 4 to 5, it was a huge improvement. Noticeably faster, and better interface.
  Interesting counter-point.  It wouldn't make for a very juicy headline though. 
  Interesting point.  I wish I could hop in an alternate universe machine and see how Apple stock would be doing having continued its no-dividend policy.  Maybe it'd be less beat up than it is now?
The part about AT&T is strange indeed. I had to do exactly that to get data working on my pay-as-you-go account. It sucks that they won't officially support iPhones unless they're on an expensive post-paid plan.
A must have function for me on a smart watch is the ability to hold it up to my ear and make a phone call.
Too bad the video didn't show kids talking about why they enjoy learning on an iPad. I think that'd be compelling, and maybe telling of the impact of iPads on their learning.
I wonder how Samsung feels about these leaks. Are they just as annoyed as Apple is about losing the "wow" factor of the reveal?
It makes sense for Apple to try to shrink the Apple TV as much as possible, because when they finally launch the Apple-branded TV, they'll want the innards to be as small and thin as possible.  Maybe it'll look something like the current iMac, but with a larger screen.
New Posts  All Forums: