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Handwriting input is so 1990s.   Haven't we come to the conclusion that typing on a mobile device is more efficient and faster than handwriting input?
I think Apple vetting the cases it sells is a helpful strategy, and aligns with their brand.   There are a gazillion cheap and poorly-designed cases on the market that it's difficult to choose. Many of them are knock-offs of branded cases, and although look similar to the real thing, lack the same quality.   An Apple-curated case selection in the Apple Store would and rightly should indicate that these cases are of good quality.
If done well, a study reminder tool on an Apple Watch would be a boon for students.   I've used a flashcard app that reminds me to review vocabulary that I'm learning at optimal intervals so that I don't forget them, and it worked very well. If this could be done on a broader scale for studying in general, I think it could help students retain knowledge much better than the usual cram before the test method that happens so often.
This seems like a lot of work.   I like the idea that accessories sold in Apple Stores have a premium look, but Apple helping out accessory makers with package design seems like maybe it's going a bit far. 
Woohoo!   I live in Queens and this new Apple Store will be a hop and a skip away. Funny though, I was just there two weeks ago, and I don't recall seeing any signs of a new Apple Store coming.   I wish Apple could have done something more with the design. The neighborhood and the mall's customers are insanely diverse, and in addition to a diverse staff, it would have been nice to see an architectural design that celebrates this aspect. 
 I don't believe that Apple makes devices thin for no reason or just for thinness sake. On the contrary, I think that the thinner the iPhone is, the more comfortable and less obtrusive it is in your pocket. This is an important factor given that the iPhone is primarily a portable gadget. Imagine carrying an iPhone in your front jeans pocket or in the inner breast pocket of your suit, and it's so paper-thin that you only notice its weight and not its bulk. I know I would...
I really hope the movie is good.   But I just can't imagine it. It occurred to me that if I didn't know about or care who Steve Jobs was, the trailer would not entice me to see the film. It seems like just a jumbled up mess of diverging storylines.   I'm guessing part of the problem is that too many people already know too much about Steve's life that you can't stray too far from the truth to make the plot more engaging. If you do, people will say you're distorting the...
I agree. I don't see the similarities at all between Apple and Shake Shack. And neither this article nor the summary of the research note makes any real connection either.
 Contracting out the assembly of an Apple car does lower the difficulty threshold somewhat, true. But Apple would still have to design the entire car, which probably takes them quite far outside of their current expertise. I'm not saying Apple never would make a car, but it just seems unlikely at this time given the way they've historically moved into new industries.
 Although possible, it seems like quite a big leap from consumer electronics to car manufacturing. I can't see this going forward unless Jony, Eddy and the other senior exec's who love cars, are lobbying really hard. And not so much because it makes sense, but more because of personal interest. If Apple does make a car, I would expect them to make an electric one, and leverage their knowledge of battery technology. But the infrastructure to support electric vehicles still...
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