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"Widely thought to be Apple?" Why can't some reporter just dig up this information?
 Interesting data. Thanks for sharing. I'll put my money on the consistent, reported profits of AAPL over the hope of future profits of AMZN any day. But then again, what do I know. I'm not a Wall Street analyst. /s
 A part of me still doesn't quite understand the Beats acquisition. Or at the very least, why Apple paid so much to acquire it. I kinda wish Steve was still around to negotiate that deal. He was known for being a savvy and tough negotiator, and even if I wouldn't fully understand the motivation for the acquisition, I would have at least felt that Steve got a good deal. With Tim, or Eddy or whoever else handled the negotiations, I just don't have that same sense of confidence.
 Interesting. I didn't know that. But what's an example of how he "games the system"?
An interesting but seemingly costly idea. I guess this would alleviate the need to suck on the earphone wires that I see people doing so often. :-/
And yet AMZN seems fine. I don't understand how the market gives AMZN so much latitude, and AAPL so little. Mind-blowingly irrational.
I think the iThing name has run its course, and am glad Apple has gone with Apple Thing. To me, the i no longer sounds fresh and interesting.
I had the same thought. On the one hand, I think it's good that Tim is making appearances in places that are strategic partners for Apple. But on the other hand, it feels to me like he's in the news too much and risking over-exposure. The latter point being not necessarily under his control, because even if he isn't trying to make a PR appearance, the media will make it into one. Also, if it were Steve making so many appearances, I'd worry that he's not working enough on...
I hope this works. I use Chrome only to watch videos that require Flash, and it consistently heats up my MacBook Air like a hot skillet. It's the only time that the cooling fans kick in.
When transit directions comes out, I can finally get rid of Google Maps.
New Posts  All Forums: