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The rebranded name works perfectly.
You make an interesting point. Do you happen to know what the statistics on consumer vs. corporate spending on computing are? I guess I wouldn't be surprised if consumer spending has out-paced corporate spending, given that Apple continues to post record profits that beat all their competitors.
This is very cool. But perhaps only occasionally useful to the average user? Or is this another nod to the enterprise user, who travels often for business?
Unlike Steve, I think Tim is wisely taking measures to meet enterprise needs. Most of the world's computing is purchased by businesses, and because Windows adeptly catered to this segment, it dominated the PC era. If iPad is to usher in the post-PC era, then it needs to also address the enterprise market. Or at least the small business segment. Maybe iPads won't be replacing PCs in the office cubicle and board rooms, but at least I can see its potential in...
This is something I would use. I often use Photo Stream Sharing to share photos with friends. I can imagine this technology used to allow me to do that even quicker.
I think this is good news. Any time Apple can be seen as partnering with other companies, makes the introduction of new Apple technologies/standards seem less "walled garden" and more leading among peers.
I wonder if the existence of the Apple Watch has affected the iPhone lineup. One rationale for having a 4-inch form factor phone is the ease of one-handed use. Even Steve acknowledged the importance of this consideration when talking about the size of the iPhone. However, with the arrival of the Watch, maybe it obviates a need for the one-handed iPhone. You don't need to hold the Watch, and you can dictate to it rather than type. It doesn't perfectly cover all the ways...
Can you describe the difference? As someone who's never used a luxury shower head, I can't imagine the qualitative difference between a regular and luxury shower head.
Thanks for the information. Wow, I didn't know such a market existed! I would have the same reservations about purchasing before trying with these luxury shower heads.
This one time, at coding camp...
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