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Every time I hear the words Apple and market share in the same sentence, I want to vomit. Apple doesn't prioritize having X% of market share, so its performance cannot be judged by this metric.
I am interested in this, but at that price point would need to try it before I buy. I think this is a major hurdle. The price is at least 10x the cost of a normal shower head, and given that the experience is supposed to justify the price, they need to somehow let potential buyers 'get their feet wet' to make the sale. Also, since I rent an apartment and don't pay the water utility bill, the savings is no incentive for me.
 That's interesting. I'm guessing that because of the Apple Watch Edition's digital/computing nature, it will not likely be considered an investment. I can't be sure though. Maybe due to its limited quantity and version one status, it will become a collector's item? Being a pragmatic person, I have stopped wearing watches for many years. But the Apple Watch is causing me to reconsider.
Whether the Apple Watch is a consumable good is still up for debate, I think. Although I can imagine buyers of the regular and sport editions upgrading as often as their iPhones, but I have a hard time believing that someone spending over $10k on an edition doing the same, or even viewing it as a consumable good. Btw, are you a buyer of luxury watches?
This is a great feature I'll make use of.   Whenever I leave the house to walk to a local store, my iPhone always tries to hang on to my home wifi signal, even when I've gone clear past its range. When this happens, I can no longer connect to the internet because my iPhone will keep trying wifi instead of switching to cellular.
I think it's interesting that Apple's watches are luxurious, but they are not "luxury" watches. When you buy a "luxury" watch, you are paying a huge markup for the brand. Some costing as much or more than a car. When you buy an Apple watch, you get the fine craftsmanship, premium materials, and the brand with a very reasonable markup. One could make the case that the Edition version is a luxury watch in terms of price point, but the added cost comes primarily from the...
An interesting solution to the "too much footage, too lazy to edit" problem. What they really need is a compelling use case though. When I read about it, I see potential, but exactly what for is still hazy.
I think one drawback to an iBeacon implementation like Target's is that you need to first download their app. It would be much less hassle and more enticing to someone like me, who doesn't shop often, to just opt-in on the spot when I walk into a store.
 Well, sometimes people sue to right an injustice. And my point is, this is not the case here. 
I think this could be huge.   Imagine if Apple does as well in enterprise as it does in consumer. Tons of room for growth in this traditionally Windows-dominated area.
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