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If they could make this work well, it would eliminate the switching back and forth from trackpad to keyboard that we do a million times a day. It would be convenient and ergonomically better, I think.   Over the past year, I have had a mysterious soreness in my left shoulder blade and couldn't understand why. Recently, I realized that it was caused by my starting to use a MacBook as my main computer.   When you use a MacBook, you have to make ergonomic trade-offs....
 I think you are missing something. I tried on the sport band at the Apple Store and it felt very high quality. The material felt silky smooth, unlike any kind of plastic or rubber I've ever come across. To me, it felt almost like a soft cloth. There were no rough parts or seams that would chafe, and it was very comfortable and I could imagine wearing it happily all day. Also, it's incredibly thoughtfully designed. Take a look at your wrist. Have you ever noticed that if...
I think it's smart of Apple to market the watch to women. Of the people I know, more women than men use iPhones. I'd guess that this is the case for the public at large, that the percentage of women who use iPhones is greater than the percentage of men. I also think women are more likely to spend the money on the fashionable Apple Watch, than men are likely to spend the money on the Apple smart Watch.
How about this theory: Apple is developing an unmanned car for the purpose of collecting map data. And if that is successful, eventually produce a self-driving car? Kinda like how Apple TV has been a "hobby" for many years, and may or may not turn into something more.
I understand the practical reasons for moving the Apple logo (i.e., making room for polo shirt buttons), but I like the look of the centered logo better. As others have said, the new placement makes the shirts look generic/corporate. Plus, Apple is more of a "t-shirt and jeans" company, not a "polo and slacks" company.
Very clever idea! Even if you're not pointing it straight forward, it can help you avoid tripping or if you're in New York, stepping on dog doo.
I live in a small town in Japan, and most people here have iPhones. It was a surprise to me, because I had had the media-influenced notion that Japanese did not use the iPhone much.   I think Apple's marketshare in Japan can only go up. In general, Japanese are fairly conformist, so if something becomes an established norm (like owning an iPhone), almost everyone will do the same.
This and a few other of Apple's recent ads have looked very design-y, focusing on line and color.  I suspect this is Jony's influence.  They're beautiful and clean.   But I do miss the wit and inspirational tone of Steve-era ads like "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" and "Here's to the crazy ones."
I think sometimes Steve doesn't get enough credit for his business acumen.   If he hadn't been wise and practical enough to make that deal with Microsoft, It's possible that Apple wouldn't have survived.  It was an unpopular decision, and it even got him booe'd by the Apple faithful at its announcement, but it was a very smart move in hindsight.   That took a lot of balls, and is one more example of his greatness as a CEO.
This is great news!  Some free preliminary market research for Apple to use when they launch their own product.
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