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Can someone with relevant expertise in this field comment on Google's decision to fork WebKit?   Since Google and Apple are competitors in this space, my knee-jerk reaction is to suspect that this is some kind of power play against Apple.  However, there could be a legitimate reason, from a technical standpoint, that I don't know of.   Anyone care to share?
  I wish they and other real news sites would just get off Apple's nuts so the stock price can go back to normal.   I miss the good ol' slow-n-steady days.
I guess WSJ is officially in the rumor business now?
If Apple were to introduce an iTV that is also a gaming machine, that would certainly be much more value added than just a straight TV.
When the FB app went from version 4 to 5, it was a huge improvement. Noticeably faster, and better interface.
  Interesting counter-point.  It wouldn't make for a very juicy headline though. 
  Interesting point.  I wish I could hop in an alternate universe machine and see how Apple stock would be doing having continued its no-dividend policy.  Maybe it'd be less beat up than it is now?
The part about AT&T is strange indeed. I had to do exactly that to get data working on my pay-as-you-go account. It sucks that they won't officially support iPhones unless they're on an expensive post-paid plan.
A must have function for me on a smart watch is the ability to hold it up to my ear and make a phone call.
Too bad the video didn't show kids talking about why they enjoy learning on an iPad. I think that'd be compelling, and maybe telling of the impact of iPads on their learning.
New Posts  All Forums: