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I think sometimes Steve doesn't get enough credit for his business acumen.   If he hadn't been wise and practical enough to make that deal with Microsoft, It's possible that Apple wouldn't have survived.  It was an unpopular decision, and it even got him booe'd by the Apple faithful at its announcement, but it was a very smart move in hindsight.   That took a lot of balls, and is one more example of his greatness as a CEO.
This is great news!  Some free preliminary market research for Apple to use when they launch their own product.
Folks on Yelp have been hungry for this functionality since forever.  I wonder what took them so long?
Can't wait to use the new mapping features.
Somehow, the unscrupulous makers of these knock-off chargers will try to scam this takeback program.  Guaranteed.
    I agree with both of these sentiments.  However, it's hard to tell whether Jony is making changes because he's continuing to tweak his own design, or in response to developers' feedback.  Also, given that the iOS experience is in large part about 3rd party apps, iOS is kinda like an eternal work-in-progress where developers continually play with, evolve and improve the UI.  So I'm not too concerned about having to love the new UI changes because they will not be set...
That article is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.  The opening paragraph should've started with the words "According to non-sensical research done by an uninformed troll..."
HopStop is indeed a great app.  And I'm sure the acquisition will go a long ways in improving Maps.   However, I liked Apple's original idea of leaving public transit to 3rd-party developers.  The companies that run the subways, buses, and other public transit are in the best position to create these apps—they have the resources and nuanced knowledge of their own systems.  They just need to get their asses moving, and fill in the gap.  Perhaps this is Apple's way to...
Those code names sound ridiculous. Sounds like something Samesung would come up with. But for Apple? No way.
New Posts  All Forums: